They promote the realization of 5. 000 ‘selfies’ to raise awareness about social and international peace.

GRANADA, 19 (EUROPA PRESS) the University of Granada has promoted, the Faculty of Social work, an initiative which is intended to achieve, using mobile technology, a total of 5. 000 ‘selfies’ or self-portrait to sensitize the public about the need for peace both socially and internationally. It’s a proposal promoted by Professor Jose Luis Cabezas Casado, of the subject psychology 1, by which students ask 5. 000 people suggestions in order to achieve optimal quality of psychological life, also creating opinion at the social level of the importance of peace. With each selfie conduct the survey and the results will be displayed at the end of the subject groups. Also created a page of Facebook called ‘Psychology for peace’, in which some of these photos can be tagged and reflected in the same if desired, by any interested person, advises the UGR on a note. According to Professor José Luis Cabezas Casado, school of Social work seeks to once more be driving within the University community, as well as at the social level, opinion, research, and social cooperation with different initiatives that already underway, many of them driven from this course of psychology. He recalled the first solidarity graduation – which were gifts for a large collection of food-, coffee solidarity to account – that is left to pay a coffee or food someone anonymous-, inter-generational adoptions in collaboration with the Cabinet of quality of life and aging – in which a young man adopts a mayor-University intergenerational garden – built between elderly and young people -, or the involvement of international students in solidarity work. In addition more initiatives have been launched from other subjects such as Social choir and Social theatre – with participation of faculty, students and PAS, and people of different nationalities, collaboration with NGOs and associations on projects in different continents, among others. (El) Topics schools students Facebook faculty psychology College University of Granada. Root facts may be studied clicking the following

Essonne: last Christmas weekend markets.

Yet to find all your gifts? Some towns in the Essonne offer last Christmas Eve days markets. In le Coudray-Montceaux, today from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and tomorrow from 10 to 6 p.m. at the David-cozy gymnasium. Tasting, workshop makeup and Father Christmas are on the program. Crosne, today and tomorrow, square of the Church from 10: 00 to 19: 00 carousel of wooden horses, balloon sculptors and make-up for children. Épinay-sous-Sénart, today from 11.00 to 23.00 and tomorrow from 10 to 19 hours in the program, musicians in costume, sculptor of balloons, shows, rides in horse-drawn carriages, educational with gifts to win, games photography with Santa Claus, greedy stands. Montgeron, the Christmas village moved place of Rottembourg 10 hours to 7 p.m. today and tomorrow, and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday. Prunay-sur-Essonne, the recyclerie of the Gâtinais, at 45, rue de L’essonne, opens its doors Saturday from 10 to 17 hours for sale Christmas special. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Similar text can be inspected clicking resource.

Justice allows Béziers to retain his Nativity scene.

The Ayuntamiento of Béziers (Hérault) will finally be able to retain his crib. The Administrative Court (TA) of Montpellier dismissed Friday a Biterrois and the League of the rights of man to remove this emblem of Christmas installed in City Hall by the Mayor, Robert Ménard. The aedile, close of the FN, had decided early December to install its santons in the hall of the Town Hall, causing the ire of Communist elected representatives and associations for the defence of secularism. In a five-page judgment, judge Marianne Hardy justifies its default emergency decision, "in the absence of special circumstances that might arise, including public order disturbances. "It does not follow instruction or explanations made at the hearing that the decision to establish a crèche in the lobby would be likely to" impair "the principles of secularism and neutrality", she writes. In the morning, counsel for the complainants had yet denounced "an infringement to secularism. The crib of the Nativity "symbolizes" the birth of Christ, an event ‘in the heart of the Christian religion", had pleaded Me Sophie Mazas. On the side of defence, counsel for the city of Béziers, Me Raphaëlle Hiault-Spitzer promised that this crib had nothing of worship’, but that it "was cultural" and therefore did not violate the 1905 law which prohibits emblems (the cross, the scarf. . . ) or religious symbols. "A tradition" earlier in the day, this is an another crib of the Nativity which found itself at the heart of the controversy. In Melun, defenders of secularism have asked Mayor UMP in this commune of Seine-et-Marne, Gérard Millet, remove that it installs for several years in the hall of the Town Hall. "This Nativity scene is not a religious symbol but the manifestation of one is religious. It is a tradition, a popular fact, replied counsel for the Town Hall, Mr. Mathieu Pagnoux, at the hearing of the administrative tribunal of Melun Friday morning. For its part, the public rapporteur found that this crib "well an episode of the Nativity", advocating removal of the Nativity scene. The tribunal, which very often follows the recommendations of the public rapporteur, will make its decision Monday. A few days ago, the administrative tribunal of Nantes had directed the conseil Général de la Vendée, old land of Catholic tradition, disassemble his crib of the Nativity set up in the lobby of its premises. The general Council has appealed. . For extra insights regarding this subject click

Recovered the bodies of three babies and six adults in the Strait.

Morocco emergency services have recovered on Friday the corpses of nine immigrants, three babies and six adults, who have fallen into the sea when traveling in a boat to the Peninsula, as reported by search and rescue. In that same boat were also 21 others, who have been rescued alive on the midday. The raft has been found two miles from Tangier, after receiving a call from an aid worker alerting that the ship had left the Moroccan city. more Informaciondesaparecidos 28 immigrants trying to cross the Strait in a boat found two immigrants killed in the Strait, near parsley more than 3. 000 immigrants left life in the Mediterranean in 2014 salvage has not been able to confirm if the boat traveled some child. Although, according to a spokesman for walking borders, an NGO that works with migrants in Morocco in the patera were travelling eight infants who have died. This group has 20 estimated the number of missing people. For its part, rescue services ruled out that there may be occupants disappeared for what dan finished the rescue operation. The call that alerted the patera output occurred at seven thirty in the morning. Salvage mobilized the patrol Alkaid, which initiated the search from the North of the Strait. While, at the same time, the Moroccan services did from Tangier. The Spanish patrol boat did not sight the vessel to be located two miles from the African city by the device of Morocco. The death of these nine immigrants in the Strait occurs two weeks after the disappearance of almost thirty sub-Saharan in another boat in waters close to Almería. Rescue services found 29 people on board. But other 28 were missing, according to the account of the survivors. Among them, seven babies, according to the Red Cross. . Related facts can be read clicking link.

The end of the squaring of the Net would be a drama.

"Accounts have been the Quadrature du Net, and is not the joke. We’ll close up shop. Not in a year, in two weeks. If there’s not at least 45,000 euros of additional donations by January 4, 2015, it would be irresponsible for us to continue to make expenditures. And indeed say as shown in our gauge is 85 000 euros of additional donations need to be reasonably continue in 2015, and 150,000 euros so that it operates in conditions vaguely normal. As president of the association, I have that responsibility over the other members of the college of strategic direction, it’s know to say "no, there we stop" when it is needed. I already addressed several public messages to warn. There, it is simply a fact announcement. Apparently apart the 2,000 persons who have already made donations to squaring this year, whatever their amount, others are not aware either to fuck. However, it was much more important efforts so you know this year. If still you were busy in various insurrections of the mind and the body, could understand. But no, it’s just the soft blues, Christmas shopping and enjoy the warming to the approach of winter. Then must we know to learn the lessons. The reasonably free Internet, the ability of each to express themselves, to create his or her identities to forge ties and Act, the means of escape at least in part to the monitoring, the promotion of the values of sharing against autistic economism, it was only a mania for some wrong sided geeks. Then there is size, it will tell you where as soon as we know.  ». You can visit the following to discover extra regarding this great subject.

Isabelle Adjani: ‘I do not speak to people who do not like Mommy.

"I am actress to talk about love," whispered Friday morning a voice become sweet by training on the radio antennas. While she usually deserted media, Isabelle Adjani was the guest of the morning of France Inter. To the microphone of the show hosted by Patrick Cohen, the actress was first entrusted to the Italian fellow Virna Lisi, who died Thursday at age 78. The French actress has particular known it on the filming of La Reine Margot de Patrice Chéreau, a film which marks people in a very deep way, which marked me as [,.]. Virna Lisi embodied a very dark and solar Catherine de Medici both"recalls Isabelle Adjani. Currently on the boards of the Theatre of Paris in the Kinship piece for which she lives a passionate love story, the actress’s fatal hike is expressed also on the claim of actress: ‘ an actress is never exactly the same after an investment of his whole being. ” There is something that will change. For me it is a condition more than a job. We are never the same after playing. "Xavier Dolan has produced in me something amazing" its a little too caressing voice, Isabelle Adjani bounces also about love with a capital A, and come quickly to talk about one of the filmmakers who much stirred the seventh art on the year 2014: Xavier Dolan. "I refuse to talk to people who did not like Mommy" says calmly Adjani, considering that "these people think there that if you feel something, we are victims of our emotions. Indeed, the French actress seems passionate by the Quebec shooting star: "I am amazed at his genius. Xavier Dolan produced in me something amazing. This postage for all codes dared his cinema, which remains in the organic and living, from a centre where there is a lot of love,. I am very grateful and wish him to get an oscar. . For extended data on this topic check fact.

The Mayor of Paris asked the regularization of 500 undocumented.

The letter was mailed to the day after the speech of François Holland at the Museum of the history of immigration. But the entourage of the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo assures that the coincidence is fortuitous. Tuesday, December 16, the PS of Paris Mayor sent to the Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, a letter calling on the Government to regularize the situation of "about 500 people" in order to "stop the embolism of the accommodation" emergency. Too many undocumented migrants have no roof in Paris, it is "an absurd situation" from a "humanitarian point of view and"budget", said Mrs. Hidalgo in the mail than the world got. A letter co-signed by representatives of all groups of its majority, PS, EELV, PCF-Front left and PRG. The letter cites "saturation" of emergency shelter. "Between 2 500 and 3 500 people sleep in the Parisian streets," wrote Ms. Hidalgo. In this context, "keep people in the centre at the hotel or accommodation while some may work, finding housing, accessing devices insertion of common law, is expensive, for the community as a whole.  "9 000 in emergency centres, 14,000 in hotels sociauxSelon the cabinet of Mrs. Hidalgo, 9,000 people sleep today in the emergency centres and 14,000 in social hotels with support by the community. For families hosted and who receive an allowance from the city, a night in a hotel costs on average 17 euros per person, or 2 €600 per month for five people. "The cost is much higher than rent in permanent housing," highlight services of Paris City Hall. The Mayor of the capital calling on the Government to take its "responsibilities" for "be examined applications for regularisation of the situation" of people who are ‘ in the grey zone: irregular, but not expulsion staying in the facts. Among some 500 individuals who could be regularized, Ms. Hidalgo benchmark "vulnerable people" that because they are ‘old’, ‘sick’ or with disabilities, cannot be renewed in their country of origin, and on the other hand, people who ‘have initiated a path integration through work’: ‘educated youth’ or adults "with promises of employment. Finally, there are aliens in France "for years" which have experienced the ‘wandering’ and can therefore provide "the parts requested. For those, the Mayor of Paris asked a "benevolent work" of the circular on the regularization of undocumented migrants taken by Manuel Valls, then Minister of the Interior, on November 28, 2012. Incidentally, while welcoming the draft law on the reform of the right of asylum by the Minister of the Interior, Ms. Hidalgo believes that "to him alone, it will not suffice to correct the consequences of the mistakes of the past". It is to "bring together without delay" ‘solutions’ to ‘unlock complex individual situations’, insists. For now, the Ministry of the Interior is merely to acknowledge receipt of mail. . You must check the following to discover extra on this great topic.

The market for ‘ desperate ‘ means weapons and hidden amongst the Junk watches.

At the sight of the flashing lights of the police a general Stampede. Gather everything you can in large tarpaulins and drag them within the camps. Are hundreds. Everything there that leave streets prey of jackals. Captain Chinetti li note, try to stop them, hires a push and pull with some who insist on retaining the filled bags along the way. Its agents are committed to helping the trash collectors. Are two and just fail to collect all the garbage left on the ground. In a day will fill three of eight tons each waste compactors. Please enter in the Roma camps. "Not advisable at this time." In fact we bar the way and close the entrance gate. Off limits. In the evening round of EU. Are better equipped. The merchandise the exhibit on carriages with large wheels that allow it to escape more quickly. Or better: to change road. Why are unlikely to go away. "The North Africans need to earn only between five and ten euros a day" explain the vigilant. In a recent blitz have discovered more than thirty beds piled in a small apartment. For each were asked five euros per day. The hand of latent crime here but understood. During checks is found a sub-machine gun in the trunk of an abandoned car. Twenty-five shots in barrel, oiled, ready to fire. In Rome we reach piazza San Giovanni in Laterano. We pretend interested in purchasing a watch brand. We suggest a bench in adjacent gardens of via Carlo Felice. Three men sit. Are Romanians joined if necessary by Algerians, Tunisians and Moroccans. In two shake hands a magnifying glass and a Swiss army knife. Are the tools of the trade. They form a sort of "examining Committee" for clocks that, in a ceaseless procession are brought to their attention already from the first light of morning. We turn the voice that we go looking for a chronograph with automatic movement. Have it. The most senior of the three sitting the extracts from the inside pocket of the jacket. We ask him if stolen. Ride. "Everything you see here was stolen". So even the watch that you have in your hand? "Of Course". Where does? "And who knows-meets-. Maybe from Rome, maybe from Milan, perhaps from Florence ,. who can say. You are interested in the clock or the owner? ". At ten o’clock they stand up and go away. Simply changing area. Tomorrow we start again. . For additional facts on this topic visit

Several heads of the EIS killed in air strikes.

"I can confirm that since mid-November, strikes targeted the coalition have managed to kill several senior leaders and responsible for lower level of the Group Islamic State, indicated in a press release the Rear Admiral John Kirby, spokesman for the Pentagon, without providing identities or the location of these keystrokes. What deal a serious blow to the jihadist forces. "We believe that the loss of these key leaders will affect the ability of the EIS to order and control its current operations against Iraqi security forces, including the Kurdish forces and other local troops", he continued. A US official had indicated earlier on condition of anonymity that several leaders of the EIS had been killed "in a series of air strikes carried out this month on several days’. The head of the EIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, not part of the victims does, said the official. But, according to a second U.S. official speaking on condition of anonymity, one of the two deputies of Baghdadi was killed in these strikes. "I can confirm that since mid-November, strikes targeted the Coalition helped kill Haji Moutazz and Adb al-Basset (Inad Allah al Gaidh). Moutazz and Basset were regarded as leaders of high level of the Islamic State", this official said. Haji Moutazz – Abu Muslim al-Tourkmani of his full name – was considered to be Baghdadi Assistant in charge of the Iraq.  «Moreover, since mid-September, we have killed other junior leaders of the EIS which Radwin Talib» Bilal, the official added. This operation is not "negligible", said one of the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, and is part of a broader effort to step up the pressure on the jihadists, at the time when the Iraqi army is preparing for a major counter-offensive in the coming months. The coalition has intensified its offensive against the jihadists of the EIS, particularly since the beginning of the week, with more than 60 air raids in the North of the Iraq. Soldiers Kurds, thanks to the overwhelming support of the international coalition, resumed a hundred kilometers square to the jihadists of the EIS near Sinjar, Northwest of the country, near the Syrian border, the U.S. general James Terry said Thursday. . Original facts can be read checking the following site.

Almost 4. 000 kilometers of roads have high risk of accidents.

Almost 4. 000 kilometres of highway of the State (CERs)-3. 948 kilometers, 16% of the total – represent a high or very high risk of generating a serious or fatal accident. Catalonia, Castilla y León and Galicia are the communities with the highest proportion of black sections, according to the results of the latest study of EuroRAP, a consortium funded by the European Commission. Ten sections that present greater claims are secondary (without separation medium) single carriageway roads, nine of them with low traffic volume. The research, which is carried out since 2003 in different European countries, sets five levels of risk – from very low to very high – by associating the number of accidents with the number of vehicles circulating in certain ways. The EuroRAP, which counted with the participation of the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) and the de Cataluña (RACC), looked specifically at 1. 374 sections of the CERs, which account for 52% of mobility in the country. more Informacioncarreteras well made, but broken a study reveals that the State of the roads is the worst since 1985 promotion begins to point 776 high road accident runs what it costs a life grows the road accidents in Easter nearly 1. 000 people are in jail for offences against road safety traffic linking the rise of dead old cars and the consumption of hashish in the study three patterns have been identified, but risks may obey different reasons, explains Luis Puerto, technical director of the Fundación RACC. Two features: the 10 sections with more accidents are single carriageway, i.e. both directions of traffic are not physically separated by a median, and the traffic volume is relatively low, between 2. 000 and 5. 000 cars a day. For example, a path of entry into Madrid may have more than 90. 000 cars daily. Three of the 10 sections with greater claims are in Castilla – La Mancha, including which leads the ranking of EuroRAP: the N-320 road, between Casar de Talamanca (Guadalajara) and Algete (Madrid). By this way of 11 kilometres of circulating more than 3. 500 cars each day. Castilla y León, Cataluña and Andalucía provide, each, other two lengths. Extremadura complete the list with one more. The three communities that have the highest proportion of black kilometers are Catalonia (7.8%), Castilla y León (6.5%) and Galicia (6.3%). The third pattern found in some of the analyzed tracks, which leads the ranking, mainly is the number of motorcycles involved in accidents. 50% of the victims in the N-320 road have been for claims on motorcycles. We are talking about an over-representation because, in general, bikes are part of 15% of the accidents, highlights port. Poorly marked curves? Poor visibility? Damage on the roads? Research does not reach that level of analysis, but expected authorities to do so. What we are asking is that changes the approach to road maintenance, which has been purely reactive, and let one proactive with impulse new technologies to prevent more accidents, insists port. This 16% represents an improvement over the previous three years, which was around 18%. It is not a very large decline. . You can read this article to learn more regarding this amazing topic.