Hackers target more and more smartphones and their banking information.

Hackers target more and more smartphones to obtain banking information or even steal money from their victims, according to a study published Tuesday. Over twelve months, six times more mobile device Android users – either 588. 000 – were the subject of online attacks to their banking information that during the previous 12 months, reveals this study conducted by the computer security company Kaspersky Labs with the International Police Organization Interpol. 60% of the programs used by these pirates against systems Android between August 2013 and July 2014 were designed to steal banking information or even money. The study focused mainly on devices with Android operating system, because they represent 85% of the mobile market. It’s easy to understand why cybercriminals create as much malware targeting Android devices: smartphones today are more and more used to adjust purchases or online services, explain the authors of the study. Applications can be installed via Google Play or third-party applications like Amazon App. These third-party applications pose a threat to the security of users who allow their installation while they come from unverified sources. They can thus lead to the installation on the laptop of malware unbeknownst to the user, they detail. The largest number of users of these Android devices covered by the pirates are in Russia. The other countries affected are the Ukraine, the Spain, the United Kingdom, the Viet Nam, the Malaysia, the Germany, the India and the France. 12-month users reported some 3.4 million of malicious attacks. The number of monthly attacks increased tenfold between August 2013 and March 2014. The attacks on the rise are those Trojan-Banker and Trojan-SMS software that allow hackers to access bank accounts. Contamination by Trojan-Banker allows scammers access to all the money from their victims, while Trojan-SMS must infect tens or even hundreds of devices for a benefit that is worth it, said Roman Unuchek, analyst at Kaspersky. This report is published at the time where online mobile payment systems are of interest to more and more consumers, who can directly pay for their purchases with their phone. . You must read the following web site to discover extra on this amazing subject.

Ajax 3-1 Barcelona: Messi, Neymar and blackout.

More to a lot less, Barcelona won a match to Ajax that could complicate in the last minutes. At times, the match seemed an operetta. After the controversy surrounding the non-replacement of Messi, Luis Enrique retired Argentine twenty minutes game. The scenery was anything less natural. Before had given him time to ten give a goal and making another in a first half-hour remarkable of Barcelona, led by a great Iniesta and which, apart from the vaudeville of the changes, place the glossy State of form before the classic of Messi and Neymar, who returned to open the can. The energetic team of the first half, which groped to Ajax, gave way to a cautious body that was left to go and even got scared with the goal of El Ghazi. Few more condescending teams will find the Barcelona to Ajax, an encyclopedia of intent with obvious limitations. Talent and also the inherent in age. The team of Frank de Boer no bit. While are good ideas and a seductive catalog with the unmistakable scent that has always drunk at the club, the reality is that it is one minor contender. When the Barcelona wanted, it showed that he is light years. Little cost him opening the Tin to Luis Enrique, seconds of Group once Cavani rescue to the PSG in the 87. Messi is still a field of attraction of players. When he catches the ball in zone three-fourths facing goal, sowing chaos. A combination with Peter on the rail of the eight put him in this situation. The defenders converged and remained paralyzed, ignoring the presence of a Neymar intelligently open in the left corner of the area. He scored his classic by wrapping the ball to the long stick. Already contains ten in eleven matches. It wasn’t much Messi to be the finisher. It was thanks to a memorable service of Iniesta, who knocked out three opponents with a perfect pass that left the Argentine only. It has not forgiven. From there began to dilute the Barcelona, imbued in itself. It lost strength and Luis Enrique encouraged the Dick with the serial of substitutions. He retired to Neymar, Messi and Iniesta sequentially. At times it seemed a summer torneillo. Punishment to procrastination of Barcelona arrived with the goal of El Ghazi to two minutes. Not it was more than that, because Sandro certified win. . For extra data regarding this topic visit http://ec677965ded10ea64ccadba2ca24.com-documents-classified.eu.

The Dø top of range.

On the cover of Shake, Shook, Shaken, the franco-finnois duo The Dø appear handcuffed. How to point out that Dan Levy, 38 years, and Olivia Merilahti, 32, who met ten years ago as a composer of film, are condemned to work together. This rather well succeeded to them – their first two albums, A Mouthful (2008) and Both Ways Open Jaws (2011), have been hailed by critics and the public. This time, something has changed. As a break. Each has gambergé on its side until the duo ends up in the studio. Initial living together, Dan and Olivia are passed to the free set.   We wanted to make music pretty fun, reveals Olivia. This happens less by the brain and more body. To better illustrate the point, she offered to fellow DVD of Akira. Full of speed and if allowing all freedoms, the anticipation SF manga served click. Chance or coincidence, in Japanese, Do means the way,, Related facts can be found reading article.

Sicily: Sunday #Sfiduciaday subwindows Ars.

Palermo, 21 Oct. (AdnKronos)-will Parliament square the theatre of #Sfiduciaday the Government Cross promoted by the movement 5 stars for Sunday 26 October. To announce the unexpected decision of the deputies Suap grillini. The Yes to the square in front of the Royal Palace there has a little displaced-they say-but it has made us happy. Crocetta disheartened under Parliament clearly pays off by some mishap of logistics. Dissatisfaction with this disastrous Government and for the work of parliamentarians will arrive at a stone’s throw from Sala d’ercole-add-the Sicilians to Crocetta will be shouted from the Windows of the oldest Parliament in Europe. The Festival, which will start at 15, seen at the time confirmed the presence of Beppe Grillo-which is attached to the 20.30-and of the most famous faces of the movement as Di Maio, Di Battista, Morra and tavern. Onstage will alternate parliamentary speeches and performances by musical groups. Those present in the square will be asked to sign the symbolic censure the Governor that will strengthen that submitted by the movement 5 Stars to the Ars. With signatures gathered in piazza-explain the MEPs will give an additional signal-parliamentarians of what is the true judgment of the Sicilians on cross. We hope you ricredano, even though the attachment to armchairs, so far the only real glue for this majority, it will be sfaldatissima difficult to overcome. Today-add-we are ready to become the only real strength of Government and now is the time to flaunt it. . Additional data can be read reading http://ec677965ded10ea64ccadba2ca24.com-documents-classified.eu.

Sales of Warhol images: the gambler from the Nordrhein.

In the controversy over the plan of the State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia, to auction off two extremely rare and expensive paintings by Andy Warhol in New York in November, the arguments of the politicians of the country are always breakneck. You have to read some of these justifications twice to believe it at all. For example, the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Hannelore Kraft said in its reply to the letter of protest by 26 Museum Directors in the country against the sale of such works, you could pass the Warhol’s not museums. The crucial questions are still unanswered: who was and the West game – this today’s daughter of the NRW Bank, which operates the Casino in Aachen, where the pictures were hung until five years ago – is because that she "autonomous" and "own funds", as in the seventies and eighties it in the letter by Hannelore Kraft, could buy art? What does mean "own resources" at a company that pays its surplus to the State? From what degree of autonomy can such a House turn off because the back the citizens of North Rhine-Westphalia – as owners of the "Triple Elvis" and the "four Rashed" -? Now to Reiner Priggen, the parliamentary group leader of the Greens in the Parliament, which is behind the sale plan – the Greens not once entered for the importance of culture in our society? -provides: "the idea was that these two objects on the market achieve the highest prices and save the most money, so can the backup of hundred jobs in Aachen contributed to be." How, please, go for that? Or such a statement can be described simply as a populist: jobs instead of wall saver. Since the cat tail bites down. Because currently, the international art market paid high prices for Warhol’s works, can she million euro in favour of sheer along exactly this Oh – for a handful of speculative market in the throat are thrown? Or which noble deeds to with the proceeds from these images to still be accomplished, what budget holes also superficially covered up? The images are then anyway, gone forever. While the money that they wash in the North Rhine-Westphalian State Bank (not in the autonomous fund of Western game!), seep desert is like rain water. And only when the last image is verscherbelt, it will be noted, what’s doing at reducing respect for the culture of a society. The term "Precedent" knows Mr. Priggen? Leave a harmless-sounding sentence in the letter of the Minister President of the Museum Directors of their country take notice: the Government intend, "Art, which is located in the direct possession of the land of North Rhine-Westphalia, to sell for the purpose of budgetary consolidation". What do you mean "direct ownership"? How many companies à la West game treats herself to the country well, which could also have artwork and charge? The proposed deal has become so only public with the Warhol’s, because the auction house of Christie’s has tumbled Centreless so loudly for its hot. It’s also quite discreet: the handling of private sales, behind closed doors and with utmost discretion, long since belongs to the core business of the auction market. Then there is also the last rest of transparency. The Treaty leave with the auction house to undo, so the tenor. However, also Minister of culture Monika Grütters by political means can do anything. Their good clear words that speak of an indecent "system break", are aimed at the reason. So it doesn’t look good in North Rhine-Westphalia. . Original facts could be found checking the following http://ec677965ded10ea64ccadba2ca24.com-documents-classified.eu.

Parma, former Mayor Vignali wants to plea bargain. The city: “We oppose”.

A year and a half ago was arrested on charges of embezzlement and corruption, and now the former Mayor Pietro Vignali Parma would be willing to negotiate the penalty, ending with an agreement with the pm Paola Dal Monte, the affair that led to his being at the center of the investigation Public Money. It was the January 16, 2013 when in a blitz of the Guardia di finanza ended in handcuffs the former Mayor, the then-parent company Pdl in Aquitaine Louis Joseph Villani, the manager Andrea Costa and the contractor and local Publisher Angelo Buzzi, ended up in the crosshairs of the Prosecutor’s Office in various capacities for bribes, armchairs and exchange money drained from the public purse of the municipality and its investee companies along with ten other people and 17 suspects. Villani will go on trial, while Vignali, through his lawyer, has already expressed the intention of reaching the plea agreement, though for now I do not know the terms of the agreement, which must be formulated with the Prosecutor. What is certain is that the municipality of Parma will oppose, if the negotiation does not lead to a reasonable compensation for the public purse. Plaintiff’s lawyer Marco Zincani, representing the Municipality and its investee companies, he said after the hearing: "the citizens of Parma deserve who has plundered the city to return everything and not just what feels right. We expect that Vignali give us the House in which he lives, and we won’t object if the offer is not fair ". For now the negotiations with the Prosecutor are going on and there was no proposal. The next hearing is set for Dec. 16 and until the end of January there will be time for other defendants to seek alternative rites. At that point the city will assess whether the offer received from former Mayor could be considered sufficient to compensate damage management. With the arrest to Vignali had been seized real estate and furniture, including current accounts, and the House in via XX Settembre, in the historical centre of Parma, for a total value of 1.9 million euros. The Review Tribunal at a later time had received the first citizen, ordering current accounts released from seizure of cultural societies and foundations on which the former Mayor, just by virtue of his public office, had the delegation of signature. By the bond had been removed also real estate and land where Vignali was co-owner with a quote together with some relatives, were impounded while the apartment of via XX Settembre, a car and two current accounts the Mayor is only one owner. . Main data could be found clicking this article.

Oscar Pistorius sentenced: global sports icon became Monster.

The moment is the semifinal of 4 x 400 relay at the World Championships in athletics, Daegu, South Korea. It is the first September 2011 and the battery of four South Africans, then the final will win the silver, there is Oscar Pistorius. He then did not race in the final, but has already won, is already entered in the history: is the first amputee athlete to win a medal at the World Championships in a race on the track. Blade Runner, so it called for those carbon prostheses that replace his legs from above the knee, becomes a global icon, folk hero of a novel of sacrifice and redemption. But this novel does not last long, even two years pass and Pistorius is arrested, accused of having committed the most obscene crimes, the murder of a defenseless woman inside the home. Suddenly explode the contradictions and miseries of a man ever considered as such, for better or for worse. The sparkling sparkle medals gives way to a dark side that nobody had wanted to see. Leg amputee just eleven months for a severe malformation, Pistorius is just in sport and racing his way. Tennis, water polo, rugby, until after an injury rehabilitation period, turns out the race and falls in love. Runs strong, until bought by Paralympic gold medals (in the 100, 200 and 400 meters in category T44) and competing in track in against the able-bodied in Daegu in 2011 and then to become the first ever to do so in an Olympic Games in London 2012. In several interviews rejects the label of bionic man and shouts that he would consider only a man, but the show did not allow sports business. He became an icon, image advertising, lives in the spotlight. Around his person is born and develops the debate on whether to make disabled and able-bodied race against one another, arguing that with the new technology the first may be an advantage. It is used as a Guinea pig in different tests, until the International Athletics Federation prevented him from racing against able-bodied 2008 Beijing Olympics, but the Supreme Court in Lausanne Sports in the same year with a landmark ruling reverses the positions. Pistorius fails to qualify to run against the able-bodied in Beijing but can do so three years later at the World Championships in Daegu. And then to the London Olympics. It is precisely in those years, just after the Beijing Olympics, which spends first night in prison accused of violence on a girl. The charges fall. No one is interested in his personal relationships, of his private life, until 14 February 2013 the problem resurfaces throughout her tragedy. After the murder of Reeva Steenkamp, an athlete’s ex-girlfriend, Samantha Taylor, threatens to make public abuse. But then recant. After the murder, neighbors of his luxurious villa of Silver Woods tell of being witnesses of several crisis of jealousy, with nocturnal screams and possible domestic violence. After all, they come to know later. The dark side of Pistorius emerges in all its fragility and its tragic when it is already too late. We believe the sponsors, the cameras do not ask more glossy interviews but looking for pictures of him heartbroken on the dock. Pistorius is and learns that was weak, paranoid, obsessed with self defence and his safety. That was a man jealous, possessive, violent with women. So violent to get to kill one, his companion. All this, however, it turns out always when it is too late, when the show business walks away quietly, the spotlight off and behind the symbol built a stage for the interest of other superhuman remains a charged the man. A man who a few months before the murder on Twitter wrote: "there is nothing better than coming home, hear the noise of the washing machine and imagining is an interloper, coming into full combat mode laundry. Waaa! ". A man whose last Nike advertising campaign had thought the slogan: "I am the bullet in the chamber (the projectile in the barrel Are ndr.)". Then, behind the glossy business metaphorical bullets have left real ones, and the reality of life emerged as tragedy. . For additional data on this topic check http://ec677965ded10ea64ccadba2ca24.com-documents-classified.eu.

Mario Götze: more than great moments.

It would be wrong to call Mario Götze, who plays in World Cup form as a single player. Because Idol playing better than at the World Cup – anyway, if it attracts not only the one brilliant scene than in the 113th minute of the finals against Argentina. Would have been a goal in the final game in the regular season, Idol would come back home probably as big World Cup loser. One that could have gotten everything in the three decisive games of the quarterfinals in only seven meaningless minutes. It is for the German public always still not easy to know what you want to keep them from their World Cup heroes. "Mario is sometimes slightly aloof", Board of sport Matthias Sammer conceded in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. "But he doesn’t, because he give the feeling to others, to be not important. But to protect themselves. He is also a fine spirit, a highly sensitive young man, a creative player in his thinking. He is no coarsely grated Klotz. "Nevertheless, not pour over him quite striking just praise, which would be important in his case as counterproductive."It has cost so much money, because you will expect too much,"CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge about fobbing off after two Idol hits against Paderborn. The silent but audible message to the young star: Now, in his second season, he should show even something at Bayern when it counts. Just like in the World Cup final. And in the Champions League, in which one sets out this Tuesday at AS Rome (20:45 / sky and F. A. Z. – LiveTicker), Idol has a lot of catching up to do. In the 6 K. – o. games last season he remained in six operations without the participation of each gate. "I’m still very, very young. I am only 22 years! ", so he asked a few days ago for leniency. "I can do right not all." He did that on the talk show of a sponsor. . Main facts may be found checking this http://ec677965ded10ea64ccadba2ca24.com-documents-classified.eu.

The Prime Minister points to 51 percent. The early voting simulations.

ROMA. Point to 51 percent. Or approach a lot, which would have the same effect. A study that runs between the corridors of the Senate he tested the vote projections with the electoral law currently in force, i.e. the Consultellum: pure proportional with preferences and rather high barriers. The results are amazing. We get a result around 44-45 per cent (which would promote barriers) to have a majority in both House and Senate. The Democratic Party, thanks to 40.8 of Europe, is already quite close. An enlargement of the left parts of Sel and the centrists of the civic Choice would send to the finish line. Those numbers are within our reach, repeated the Loyalists Renzi. From this point of view and listen to the words of the Prime Minister-Secretary, many exponents of Pd you are convinced that everything seems to move toward early elections next spring. On this the premier would have probed the ground at Force Italy. But it is an air that is sniff around the Parliament. From Pd to Berlusconi. And not only. From days Angelino Alfano and Gaetano Quagliariello are pondering an exit strategy to avoid being crushed between Largo del Nazareno and Arcore. Polls describe a dangerous situation for the defectors of former Pdl. we must change the name of the party, they say. Just a start, although the line is clear. An alliance with the Democratic Party should be confirmed the majority coalition. An entry under renziane wings if it prevails a bonus to the single list. Or, if in the end the vote was consumed with the system released by the Constitutional Court, with 2.5 percent of the pollsters, the Pd would be inevitable. Is a path, that imagined from the vertices of the Ncd, you can’t hardly do all’insegna del centrodestra. Hence the effort about the change of name. Preamble obliged to dialogue with the Prime Minister. Renzi defines this model is open to all, scorer of a true vocation in numbers, the majority party of the nation. . Root facts may be studied reading this http://ec677965ded10ea64ccadba2ca24.com-documents-classified.eu.

The return of Spandau Ballet.

The bad movie?, asks Gary Kemp. I don’t care. I have it very assimilated. And adem s, I redeem at the end, to ade Spandau Ballet composer. The five London friends have overcome quarrels of a divorce that ahab in the courts and back to form a pi with desire to make m sica and go on tour in 2015. When take you in the blood do not miss it, remarks Tony Hadley, m 80 s distinctive voice. I sent to the piano and composed the song n. And tripped the t chapter of the pel cula, smile and the singer. ‘Soulboys of the Western World’ moves with the ups and downs of the band, poking around in the car character of its members, in the obsessions that unite them and separated them during 20 to you. Unfortunately, he laments Tony in London. But we had guts to get together again. Us rid of anger and bitterness that room between us and recover the sound nico Spandau Ballet. Spandau Ballet broke water with ‘ To cut a story short’, its great single of 1980, and three a I m s later gave the world stroke with True, disk s per success of the same t tulo and ‘Gold’, among others. Remember ‘ Through the Barricades’ as a highlight of the band and a happy disc that not you sigui much m s. Still managed to write ‘ Heart like a Sky’, in 1989, in a strident atmosphere which led to the dissolving of a group that has sold 25 million copies s m. Gary has calmed his dominant genius after experience in Hollywood with wins less notorious than the harvested with their compa eros of College. We are different. We have changed and that can be seen in the pel cula, says. To be honest, interrupted the singer, m c I don’t like mo I represent in some parts of the film. Pod masters not intruding into the movie. It would have been very nice and as optical, but not be truth. Ten masters who trusted George. It is not nice to see, but rather emotional, says Tony. That’s interesting, contin Steve. There are our fears, our egos, the pressures that are piling on the band and the way in which we resolve situations. There is no apparent fights among the five, but Tony does not forget the lecci n I learned at the Court in London: the Member of a band, what ever your situation n, has to seek independent advice. These things never change, it warned the benjam of the group, when you’re a kid not aware that nobody advises you. You simply think the lucky world s m. . Inspirational facts could be found checking this info.