Character actor Gottfried John died.

The actor Gottfried John is dead. He died on Monday at the age of 72 years in the vicinity of Munich as the Westdeutsche Rundfunk (WDR) announced on Tuesday in Cologne. Therefore the actor died of cancer. The Berlin-born John (James Bond 007 – Goldeneye, Berlin Alexanderplatz) lived long in Utting am Ammersee. Gottfried John was born as an illegitimate child in Berlin in 1942. From a reform school at the age of 15, he fled to Paris. Later he though failed in the entrance examination for the drama school in Berlin, but privately took acting lessons, and made his theatre debut at the Berliner Schiller-Theater during his training. Likes he worked with the Director Hans Neuenfels, as in Peter HANDKE’s insulting the audience. WDR Director Tom Buhrow paid tribute on Tuesday to John: his wonderful performance in Fassbinder’s Berlin Alexanderplatz remains unforgotten. We will keep Gottfried John in memory as a great character actor – and a similarly modest warm-hearted man. . For additional insights regarding this topic click home page.

Case Luzenac: The behavior of the LFP is serious and unjustified.

FOOTBALL. Last may, Luzenac players obtained the right, through their only sports performance, access to the Ligue 2 and the professional world.  We are today September 2, Championship resumed since more than three weeks, and yet the club has for the time being played any official match. In this case, the League made several mistakes. The most serious dates back to July 10, when she decided to reincorporate Châteauroux in Ligue 2 despite the sports relegation of the club in the National, and even notice for appeal of the DNCG respect Luzenac before is rendered. She ran and she took the risk of a League 2 to 21 clubs instead of 20. Since then, there’s a systematic will stand us in the way. This behavior is serious, finally, because the Board of Directors of the LFP, which rejects the accession of Luzenac, is judge and party in this case.  Reincorporate Luzenac would mean setting up a League 2 to 21 clubs and therefore television revenues down for each club (the cake remaining the same, but not the number of shares). However this Board of Directors is composed of leaders of clubs in L2. They have therefore no interest to see a new actor, namely Luzenac, enter. What can reasonably explain the meaning of their decisions. . For extended data regarding this topic click link.

Salerno, ordering oysters at a restaurant and within just five pearls.

Orders oysters restaurant as the start of a dinner with a friend based on fish and shellfish, but with his great amazement and inside find five pearls. According to the Neapolitan daily Il Mattino, happened in mid-August at a restaurant on the promenade of Salerno. The incredible story Of Joseph White, a senior executive at Poste Italiane was born in Salerno, Amalfi, who was spending a few days in the city. Monday, August 18 man had decided with her friend to dine together in a well-known restaurant in the area requiring the holder with his friend oysters and champagne to start the evening. The restaurant temporarily deprived of the valuable shellfish if they immediately get into a nearby fish market to meet the needs of the customer. Once opened and enjoyed the first Oyster White but noticed that it contained something hard discovering with astonishment a Pearl. Looking at the other oysters finally came out a second, a third, a fourth and a fifth Pearl turning dinner into a night that will be hard to forget. Inevitable celebrations for the fortunate coincidence with a toast with the owner of the restaurant. Now will serve a number of in-depth examinations to assess the quality of pearls in white has already delivered to his friend jeweler to understand the value of that little treasure. A first check the total value should be just under two thousand euros. . You must read the following to read extra regarding this great topic.

Demanded bribes to small businessmen, arrested two vigilant in Francavilla Fontana.

Demanded bribes from small local entrepreneurs demanding the delivery of money and threatening otherwise to take measures against the commercial activities of the victims. This is the accusation against two policemen on duty in the town of Francavilla Fontana, in the province of Brindisi, who were arrested by police this morning. The two municipal police officers were subjected to arrest by men of the weapon in making a custody order issued by the Magistrate Maurizio Saso at the request of the local prosecutor’s Office. Charges for both of those arrested is extortion compounded in competition through abuse of power in relation to local dealers. In particular the two traffic wardens are accused of having intimidated a small entrepreneur, threatening him by sequestrargli part of the holding where the detected irregularities were actually non-existent, in the course of false administrative checks. According to the investigation, coordinated by pm Stephen De Milto Nozza, the two would have made sense to the entrepreneur with the payment of a sum of several thousand euros, there would be consequences for his work. The man, however, is revolted by denouncing the incident to the police and take surveys. As part of the investigation the military dell’arma are running at this time several searches. . Similar information can be inspected visiting

LOCRI-we are in God’s hands. Not knowing more to Saints turn against municipal employee absenteeism, Giovanni Calabrese wrote directly to Jesus Christ asking for a miracle. The singular provocation is the work of the Mayor of Locri, already desperate by the paralysis in which the administrative machinery because of the idlers. So, after complaints to the police, the Guardia di finanza, the Prosecutor’s Office and a large number of disciplinary action without any outcome, he turned to the upper floors for an intercession against continuous and repeated conduct some municipal employees who tie up the bureaucracy and behave in a way not correct on the place of work, leaving the sense of duty. I turn to you-write Calabrese now desperate-not knowing who else go. I have to say that only a fraction of municipal employees working in a serious and honest, while many others are watching and waiting for the fateful twenty-seven arrivals in order to see the important Bank credited, but not sweaty paycheck. According to the story of the first citizen, on 125 municipal employees available and those actually committed are never more than 20-25. Others are ready to produce medical certificates to gust. A dripping water supply that depression in back pain, inability to stand for too many hours to incapacitation by heavy work. So the city is still at stake. There are traffic wardens, offices are semi-desert, nobody changes the public lighting, light bulbs and even the holes on the tarmac are waiting for a gesture of goodwill. Whenever the Mayor picks up the phone to ask an employee to get busy tip comes illness. Said the Mayor: Are months that mark the breakup of a traffic light in the Centre, but nothing. No one who has desire to mend. Ask for specific service orders, offices and competence is rimpallano however, the problem remains. An example? I said that the city electrician, who continues to work with freelance arrangements within the public administration could not replace the bulbs because there was no money to buy them and had to provide for their citizens. Thanks to some good friends I managed to get free, but bulbs 15.000 doesn’t seem that nothing has changed. The bulbs are all crammed into a warehouse, many parts of the city continue to remain in the dark and the electrician continues to be wild birds o. And yet. Controls on illegal building there and staff engaged in waste collection continues to be hit by sudden illness and the burden falls solely on the few employees who go Thanksgiving in the city. In short, forced to be by itself on a daily basis. Calabrese, for example, in recent months has been at the helm of the minibus that accompanies the kids with disabilities, because who would act as a driver was sick. Once bought 30 bags of cold bitumen and with the Deputy Mayor and a single worker is willing to plug the holes in the asphalt. Chapter apart from that of traffic wardens. Week two cannot stand more than three hours, one can only work by sitting and others are no longer efficient. Said the Mayor: after checking personally hundreds of burglaries, I asked the Fire Department in writing to start making fines to people who park on the sidewalks. Result? In a whole month, zero. Zilch. Also unnecessary complaints. A Calabrian arrives at City Hall in the morning at 8. 30 and misses anyone. Empty, empty rooms, offices. Desert. Called the Guardia di finanza and requests verification. Shortly after arriving, but someone in the substance does not change anything. Other certificates and lax always. There is no medicine to take, perhaps only really need a miracle. From here the outburst of Calabrese: I should resign and give way to these people? No, does not exist. There are good people who deserve my respect, workers who would become leaders for their commitment. Then there are those who have no love for their city, nor to citizens who pay them. There is much talk of making public administration more efficient, but would someone explain to me how to do it since we don’t have tools. . Related data can be inspected reading

Ukraine: the regular army abandoned airport of Luhansk.

Kiev and the West accuse Russia of having already deployed its regular troops in the East of the Ukraine, which Moscow denies. "More than 1. 000 Russian soldiers"are currently deployed in Ukraine, according to NATO. The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs assured Monday that there would be "no Russian military intervention" in Ukraine and estimated that a "ceasefire immediately and without preconditions" should be discussed at talks scheduled in Belarus between representatives from Kiev and Moscow. "We are only for a peaceful settlement of this crisis, of this tragedy," said Sergei Lavrov, at a meeting with Russian students. A group of renowned Polish intellectuals sees similarities marked between the situation on the eve of World War II, 75 years ago, and that today, denouncing both the sale of warships Mistral by the France to Russia, as dependence on Russian gas by the Germany. Under the title "Of Danzig in Donetsk, 1939-2014", these intellectuals appealed Monday to Europe to avoid repetition of the ‘phoney war’ scenario, this time above against Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The message published in Polish, Ukrainian and German media is signed, among others, by filmmaker Andrzej Wajda and the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, the historian Wladyslaw Bartoszewski. "Such a selfish policy, short-sighted, Europeans face the aggressor, should never be repeated. And yet (,.) the Russia, aggressive State, occupied the Crimea, part of the territory of its Ukrainian neighbor. "President François Hollande and his Government are considering a more serious than the passivity of the France in 1939: become the only European country to support the aggressor selling from large landing ships Mistral", continuing the signatories. In this regard, they call the ‘citizens of Europe’ to boycott french products if the France does not notice change quickly. The threat of a new package of EU sanctions against the Russia and fighting in the East of the Ukraine weigh again on the financial markets. The ruble fell Friday to a level never seen against the dollar sank Monday, the U.S. currency amount up 37.46 rubles. The euro has crossed the threshold of the 49 rubles for the first time since early May and reached 49,23 rubles. Two former Hervé Morin, Xavier Bertrand and ministers do not have the same idea on the follow-up to the delivery of buildings Mistral contract in Moscow. The Russia today, very clearly, conducts military actions in a sovereign State, the Ukraine. Decently France, regardless of the contract that was signed with Russia, can deliver a weapon to a country which leads military action? For me the answer is clear. (. . . ) It is incomprehensible that the France book this building, said former defence Minister Hervé Morin on Europe 1. According to him, a delivery would absolutely not change the strategic relationship between the Ukrainians and Russians. But on behalf of principles that are ours, the sovereignty of a State, of respect for acquired rights which are for us the cornerstone of any company, we cannot deliver this building to the Russia, said former Minister of Nicolas Sarkozy, who was at the origin of the discussions with the Russians but in a radically different context what it is today. For its part, also interviewed on Europe 1, former Minister UMP Xavier Bertrand for his part wished that the France takes its commitment. It must deliver the Mistral. When the France undertakes that she signed a contract, the France honors its signature, he said. These aren’t the Mistral who will have a key role on the current topic. On the other hand, if the France is really a diplomatic voice clear, clean, powerful, because it will have delivered these Mistral also it will be able to have a specific dialogue with the Russia, Xavier Bertrand has developed. . Extended information can be found clicking weblink.

Alternative for Germany: the competition grows right from the CDU.

Who wants to know how it was used, is in the Museum. Who wants to choose what is yesterday, selects the AfD. She promises him the German mark sense of in euro times. She is against homosexual marriage, against the women’s quota, anti-immigrant and especially against refugees. Homosexuality is regarded as dangerous but curable aberration of the AfD. Equality means gender madness there. And abortion is referred to as sacrilege. This new party is also not broken right wing of the CDU/CSU, but whose feathers can be found there. It is anyway, so that on the right areas of the political landscape a party grows, which is for the Union, which for the SPD, the left was and is: a competition with the man has great difficulty. Debates on coalition statements, and bans, as they subside in the SPD after 25 years of watching it evolve in the CDU. Who is on the way in and with the AfD, makes a journey through time in the old CDU in the CDU thirty years ago. There, he meets national conservatives and Christian fundamentalists, evangelicals and strict Catholics, he meets, he meets people, where the justice system is too lax and that To want to hear more German music on the radio. . You must check this to learn more about this great topic.

After the ruling in Rome, 40 gay couples in Emilia-Romagna will go to court to demand the adoption of their children: they cannot ignore us. It says Ilaria Trivellato, President of Rainbow Families. And the same thing will I add Sergio Lo Giudice, Senator Pd. He also has a four-month baby, biological child of her husband Michael through a surrogate mother. The first member to make a choice like that. But today the law still does not recognize it as a parent for all purposes. I said that was a humiliation for the Parliament. The policy ignores that society and jurisprudence are evolving rapidly: we got another demonstration of this thing. Also regarding the rights of gay couples. Yes, I saw. Senator Maurizio Sacconi has even talked about "creative justice" in commenting on the judgment. But please ,. This is a landmark ruling but also solid, relies on previous concrete. The Supreme Court last year, Europe some time ago, have already established a very precise thing: is only an injury claim that two people of the same sex cannot adopt and raise children as heterosexual couples. These days we are faced with a case that will make school: two lesbians become parents even though only one, obviously, is the biological mother. But will their child the same way as any other couple. As soon as I return to Bologna will immediately appeal to obtain the adoption of my child. Henceforth the courts will find it hard to ignore the reasons for judgment of Rome, which creates an important precedent. In Italy there are thousands of families who will eventually do the same thing. I have tabled two bills. The first marriage rights to gay couples, to extend to homosexual families the same conditions of hetero couples and overcome discrimination that we are. The second, on the other hand, concerns the taking of parental responsibility: the legal parent appears in court along with the legal to ask the so-called "joint parenthood". In other words, the Stepchild adoption of which we speak these days. In Parliament the draft law on marriage was shelved in favor of another hypothesis, the German model. There is already a basic text on which we are working, which also reflects the commitment of Council President Radhakrishnan. It is a new legal Institute, similar to marriage, which is used to guarantee the same rights to homosexual couples. The text does not include adoptions in the strict sense, i.e. by third persons. But contemplates the adoption of partner’s biological child. As the case of Rome, for instance. This project came from an input of Radio, it is working in this direction. And two days ago, the party of unity of Bologna, also deputy leader Roberto Hope I think is expressed in these terms. type?Well, we’ve already seen with Senate reform, voted by force Italy: the large cartels are at variable geometries. Therefore, this method can also be applied to civil rights, who see agree for example 5 Star movement. . You can check this website to discover extra regarding this interesting subject.

Here is your new president and your new Foreign Minister.

That is, we in Europe a new President and a new head of diplomacy: the Donald Tusk Polish and Italian Federica Mogherini. Theoretically, they have an important role: they are supposed to be "the voice of Europe" for five years, if all goes well (two and a half years renewable). But here, everybody will care, and this is normal. They are not well known. They were not elected by the citizens, but in the usual opacity by the heads of State and Government on 28. And the media coverage of their appointment, effective from Saturday evening Summit in Brussels, is minimal: those who appointed, European leaders, prefer to keep them in the shade. If they chose characters about as discreet as the previous ones (Herman Von Rompuy and Catherine Ashton), it is because they want to, as was the case in 2009, keep the hand. The president of the European Council does not Crown the heads of State and Government, coordinates their tra. The High Representative for Foreign Affairs does not define diplomacy, it represents. These are the heads of State and Government who keep the commands. The duo must be their lowest common denominator, while respecting certain balances: left-right, East-West, men and women,. Angela Merkel was the first proposed the name of Tusk, age 57. He speaks German, but not the french and little English. But he promised of is lead by the end of the year: "Don’t worry, I will ‘Polish’ my English ‘ said in a good Big Pun (polish = Polish but also Polish). At least, it is a policy: it is the Prime Minister of Poland for seven years. His centre-right party, ‘Platform’ civic preaches economic liberalism. It is presented as a good speaker, skillful in times of crisis. Its assets: the Poland avoided recession, after the financial crisis of 2008, which is rather rare in Europe. Rather ‘techno’ at the base, Federica Mogherini took a liking to the policy. It could surprise because "she learns very quickly", say those who have seen it work in Rome. She is fluent in English and the french: she did her dissertation in France, at the Institute for research and studies on the Arab and Muslim world in Aix – en Provence. Theme: policy and islam. . Original source can be found clicking this

Simon Leys, the scourge of the ideologues.

The philosopher Jean-Claude Michéa, author of ‘Impasse Adam Smith’, speaks for the first time after the death of Simon Leys, occurred August 11. Its eyes, it will remain as "the greatest essayist of French language in fifty years", with an intellectual and political importance equal to that of Orwell and Pasolini. Exclusive interview with "le Nouvel Observateur". Jean-Claude Michea I read ‘the new clothes of Chairman Mao"in 1975, in other words at the moment where I began to immerse myself in the writings of Guy Debord and the Situationist International. Often forgotten, in fact, that this iconoclastic book was first published in 1971 as part of the Asian René Viénet library (the latter – one of the most fascinating figures of the SI – itself having been expelled from Maoist China a few years ago). It was therefore especially, originally, as empirical confirmation of the remarkable insights made by Guy Debord, 1967, in "the Point of explosion of ideology in China.   Since then, I have obviously never stopped read with passion, book after book, that I consider still as the greatest essayist of French language of these last fifty years. By his independence of mind and his absolute moral intransigence (without mention of his unparalleled knowledge of history and Chinese culture), the work of Simon Leys clearly, indeed, lies at the same level of philosophical importance and political than that of a Pasolini, an Orwell or a Liu Xiaobo. The problem is that it is moral and intellectual qualities that the clergy media and modern academic – particularly in France – is hardly inclined to forgive (and when adventure, he forgives them, it is usually posthumously). There this incredible Manhunt – the same thing had come to Orwell after the publication of his testimony on the Spanish civil war – which Simon Leys would logically find themselves the target right out of his book. A certain Michelle law – pseudo-sinologue who taught, in would be really expected, at the ‘experimental Centre of Vincennes’ – up even, in 1975, to reveal his true identity – Pierre Ryckmans, Belgian citizen – the sinister Maoist Gestapo. On the other, because this essay established clearly that the socialism of Orwell – away draw its source in different positivist mythology of the "sense of history" and the "new man" – was, on the contrary, its true originality in his constant appeal to the moral and intellectual virtues alleged ‘ordinary people ‘. And, in the first place, their common sense and their common decency ("you must be part of the intelligentsia to write such things; (no ordinary man cannot be so stupid’: this replica of Orwell was particularly Simon Leys). It is, of course, this insistence of Orwell on the foundations ‘ordinary’ and daily of socialism ("socialism is so comply with the most basic sense, he said, that I am sometimes amazed that he has not already triumphed") that got progressively led to give a decisive contribution to the concept of "common decency" in my own review of the blind of modern capitalism dynamic. And equally, that goes without saying, the encouragement to work in this philosophical direction Simon Leys, with his customary generosity, had kindly provide me right from the start. This sensitivity of Orwell resources and the charms of the ‘ordinary’ world also seemed even more exciting that she had gradually led him to develop a conception of politics very far removed from the ideal puritanical and sacrificial of most left-wing intellectuals (think of their common sports and popular entertainment repulsion). "I think that it is retaining our love childish for trees, fish, butterflies, toads etc, he wrote for example in his thoughts on the common toad (imagine the amazement of readers left discovering this article in 1945!), that it makes it more unlikely the possibility of a future peaceful and decent. ” Philosophical and poetic feeling which is surrendering ever (the last years of his life, on the island of Jura, evidenced especially) and Simon Leys summed up beautifully by recalling that for Orwell, "in the normal order of priorities, should be when even the frivolous and the Lord come before politics." The answer seems self-evident. Simon Leys belong to this intellectual, today threatened with extinction, species that Nietzsche called ‘free spirits’ (isn’t certainly a coincidence if the remarkable work that Jean Bernard-Mann spent on the door work of Leys in subtitle "The sacred fire of a free spirit"). Also it will better understand the moral conditions of this freedom of mind – because it is, above all, moral conditions – if one refers to the famous tale of Hans Christian Andersen, "The Emperor’s new clothes" (it is, of course, to this tale – written in 1837 – Simon Leys had borrowed the title of his first book). I remember briefly the plot. Two craftsmen tailors offer the emperor to make him the most lavish clothes that are – clothes which would, moreover, the miraculous power to remain invisible to the eyes of anyone who will prove be a bad subject (or, if you prefer a more modern formulation, in the eyes of anyone who would show "politically incorrect" and "reactionary" tendencies). As one might expect, these two tailors are actually simple charlatans and the beautiful clothes they pretend to have woven are devoid of any real existence. We know more. During the parade intended to present to the people of these beautiful clothes, all subjects of the Empire will be faced with a situation at once paradoxical and very sensitive for them. Indeed, everyone can see for himself that the King is naked, but – because of the ideological device cleverly set up by two tailors – it is at the same time believing that he is the one to see.  Each is therefore constrained – so at least he won’t run the risk of a potential dissident – to say officially that he sees anything other than what he actually sees (that is, you will recognize, the best definition possible of an ideologue on a mission, whether it is for him to "demonstrate" that students rises or the delinquency decline). The second is the moral (and sometimes physical) courage to confront publicly – while it would be so simple to make as if nothing had happened and continue to live quietly – envious hatred of all those who, for one reason or another, have a personal interest to deny such or such truth (would it, for example, to continue to enjoy their privileges media or academic). Needless to say that Simon Leys – like, before him, Pasolini and George Orwell – possessed these two fundamental virtues at the highest point (these are, in sum, which make daily possible that Liu Xiaobo called ‘life in the truth’). Do not look further the reasons which led the police of the time thought – it renews itself unfortunately from generation to generation – to make him so dearly pay the price of this indomitable freedom of spirit. However, the depressing certainty that a free spirit will always face, sooner or later, slander and manoeuvres of all proponents of ‘these small smelly ideologies that now compete for the control of our souls’ (Orwell) should dissuade anyone to honestly serve the truth. After all, who remembers yet, today, the Alain Bouc or Michelle Loi? Not even their countless clones become yet more powerful than ever. . You should check this to discover extra on this great topic.