Video: Second Director plant unbroken: Angelina Jolie launches her new movie.

Still known more as a Hollywood star. Angelina Jolie occurred during her recent appearance in Berlin but in its emerging role as a Director: on Thursday, she presented her latest film unbroken. more,. In it, Jolie tells the story of a U.S. Olympic party as a prisoner of war in the second world war in Japanese her device. For Jolie, who is also a UN Goodwill Ambassador for refugees, a story of hope and humanity: This is not only about an epic journey to heroics. This is also about humanity, resilience and faith, and these larger things. That has me at the reading touched, because there are all these things today. We all want to be reminded of hopeful things, that make us better. And this story does just that. A bestselling of author Laura Hillenbrand served as a template. It tells the story of Louis Zamperini, who initially as a sprinter at the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, took part and later was shot down with a bomber over the Pacific Ocean. After 47 days in a life raft, he was captured and spent the next two years in Japanese prisoner of war. The roles of Zamperini and his Japanese overseers Watanabe of the British play Jack O’Connell and the Japanese rock musician Miyavi. Unbroken is Jolie’s second work as a Director. Her next project will be shared with husband Brad Pitt, she said. It will deal with the topic of marriage. Theatrical release for unbroken in Germany is the 22nd of January. LOCATION: BERLIN closing. Extended info can be found clicking

Power of the Internet companies: Google regulate instead of smashed!.

One must distinguish between the Affairs of the Commission and the decision of the Parliament not only for formal reasons. The Commission is a more or less normal, bureaucratic process in which Google has made changes to its products to make up ground in the process and to reassure his opponents. An example: On the website Google shopping, which provides an overview of shopping offers, dealers may now not only advertise, but also competitors of Google product search. Is the monopolist – to a group so that only with the toughest European governance to deal with is in this debate whatever about the monster, the data Octopus Google. It Google’s fault. For decades failed company, to explain their products, in particular, what actually happens with the data of the user. At the same time, people use Google products that just work and can do much more and more. Only after the otherwise fast Group introduces features that allow its customers to gain some control over their data. Accordingly, the applause is great for the quick and radical solution of parliamentarians: pound Google. But the American Group actually met the criteria that require a break-up? Who think about it, must consider also what would take the place of the Google search, if you would take it all over Google. A public, European search engine, as it is now required by Google’s critics? The result of this idea would be a product, would that work not half as good as the Google search that but a digital border would move into the transatlantic economic area, a step towards protectionism. The market for it is evident already. In Europe he would be faster, if companies start here as easily as in the United States. That would be a theme of the EU also is increasing could attend to, if she want to weaken Google. Under pressure from new, innovative competition other power Giants have collapsed wholly or in part, from those that held no one possible. MySpace and AOL, for example. So it could work yet with the dismantling of the group. No, you’d need the EU. . For more data on this matter read

Weather in Var: one dead and three missing.

A woman was found dead Thursday evening in La Londe Рles Maures, var one of the 13 departments placed in vigilance orange by weather France, while three people are missing. Grimaud, 80 children were preparing to spend the night in their school. In the small town located between Hy̬res and le Lavandou, teams of divers were Thursday night on the edge of a stream, the Venne, research to find any missing, after evidence relating inter alia that a car was swept away by the waters. These witnesses including referred to a car with two people swept up a pedestrian and Board, it said in the prefecture, while stressing that these disappearances could not be confirmed immediately. On the other hand, some 50 children who had been blocked by the rising waters in their establishments at the end of day had been overwhelmingly rejoin their families in the evening. Only 6 of them, whose parents live in a nearby village, were welcomed in the centre of emergency shelters set up by the municipality, said the City Hall of La Londe on its website. On the other hand, in Grimaud near Saint Tropez, some 80 children were always stranded early evening in their establishments, where they could be forced to spend the night, according to the Mayor of this city. "We advise parents, who have been warned by teachers and staff city, do not attempt to pick them. Teachers is alongside students", explained the Director of the office of the Mayor of Godoy, Bruno Quivy told AFP. The main road network of the plain of Grimaud is indeed under water as a result of two coastal rivers to overflow, the Mole and the Giscle, detailed Mr. Quivy. . Inspirational source may be found reading the following

The Denmark pays unemployment benefits Daech jihadists.

The Denmark, its generous social model and its benefits unemployment among the highest in Europe.  The Scandinavian country is found in a funny story, Thursday, since its secret service realized that the Danish State had continued to pay unemployment benefits to 28 parties people fight in Syria in the ranks of the Group Islamic State. On 28 jihadists, 15 have already ordered to reimburse the sums paid, eight are still the subject of an investigation, and only five have escaped claims due to insufficient evidence, said secret services to the BT daily. But the damage is already done and the Danish Justice Minister puts Fredriksen to estimate that if some parties people make Jihad "continued to receive social aid", "we would be completely ridiculous. "It must at all costs there end and it will be done", ensures the Minister who took the opportunity to call for greater cooperation between government services.  "It is incredibly important that we are not naive. [. . . ] When the secret services are capable of 28 people parties fight, paid with the Danish money, this reinforces the idea that it is important to share all the information we have. The Danish secret service did not specify how many recipients had hit-l’ unemployment compensation can reach 801 kronor (108 euros) per day for 2 years to the Denmark – if they were all Danes or whether some of them were foreigners. But with "more than 100" people who have left to join the Jihad in Syria organization, the Denmark is the second Western country to provide (as a percentage) the most fighters the Group Islamic State after the Belgium. A figure that could even have made progress, a Danish specialist of the Middle East called Naser Khader has called to revise upward this estimate that June.  "The number is increasing in many countries, so why this it would not be the case at the Denmark? ‘, told daily Berlingske.  The Belgium estimated at 300 the number of its nationals in the ranks of the Islamic Group, and France, to a thousand. . Root data could be read visiting the following info.

The Commission no longer has the cure to work.

Paris has clearly exhausted his credit in Europe. After ten years of unfulfilled promises, both sanitation of public auditors and of structural reforms, the patience of its partners is exhausted. As several countries attacked by the markets have made particularly violent adjustments in a short time (Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain and even Italy) as a result of recommendations approved by the France that never found nothing wrong with rigour and austerity policies when applied to others. However, the economic government, both claimed by Paris for 25 years, it is for everybody or for nobody. The Austrians, who come to change their budget to meet the demands of the Commission, made the message: If the France is better treated than they, they will more answer the phone,. The Commission has therefore hesitate to open as early as Friday a sanctions procedure whose outcome will be fined up to 0.33% of GDP, or more than six billion euros (some fixed of 0.2% of GDP over 10% of the difference between the deficit of 4.3 per cent in 2015 and the ceiling of 3%, or 1.3 points, adding 0.13% to share fixed) (read opposite). Not arranged, it has revised his judgment on the effort to reduce the structural deficit (the one that remains if the growth was at its level deemed normal) which could allow the pill within a further period: whereas it was late October, accepted under benefit of inventory, the figure of 0.5% (the minimum required by the Stability Pact) advanced by Paris, against the promised 0.8% in 2013 (i.e. a difference of six billion euros), it now believes that the real effort does not exceed 0.3%. Manuel Valls, the Prime Minister, is already committed, in a letter sent this weekend, to launch new structural reforms, in addition to the future law Macron. Bercy, for its part, announced good figures, particularly on the local authorities, which will allow to trace the effort to reduce the structural deficit towards the fateful 0.5%. "In addition, reforms for two years will begin to take effect in 2015," explains to the Commission: "we will evaluate their impact in January. In this era of constrained budgets and European budget downward, it is impossible to mobilize 300 billion of public money, except to allow the Union to borrow directly in the markets, what the Germany refuses to consider at the moment. Juncker, to circumvent these difficulties, has devised a clever device: as the Union is at the beginning of its ‘multiannual financial framework 2014-2020′, it proposes to take between 20 and 30 billion euros on the 960 billion expenditure planned (particularly in regional funds), in order to invest in a "European strategic investments Fund" which would be co-chaired by the Commission and the European Investment Bank (which would see in passing its capital increased by EUR six billion paid directly by States members). This Fund would then go on the markets to raise private money (one who has fled Europe in 2008) in order to finance a series of major European works in the fields of energy, broadband internet or transport. "Since the 2008 crisis, the Union records a decrease in foreign investment of 15%. It is this money that he should return,"said on the Commission. ‘Leverage effect’ whereas would be understood, according to the project in one to six and one to twenty, which allows to get to more than 300 billion (315 billion no doubt). It is clear that if the States, which have already given their informal agreement to this mechanism, agreed to allocate more European money in this investment fund, it would be possible to significantly increase the Juncker plan. . Main source could be studied checking the following

Caretaker of the Germans: grass calls for compulsory billeting refugees.

It is not the case that there is news from Günter Grass not every now and again. Just about the Nobel laureate has complained, that you should up and heckled by writers and intellectuals – perhaps add: of writers and intellectuals of his caliber – in public it not more properly taken seriously, Yes, not noted would. As an example, he mentioned the laced with 70 000 signatures by Ilija Trojanow and July set up toe open letter due to the all American Abhörerei. So many will not be this time thankfully. According to recent calculations by refugees in Germany are currently around 200 000 – for a single village like Behlendorf at Lübeck, where grass lives, but probably too much, especially for Grassens House. I will certainly assign to him a quota. Because, though he has not declared his willingness to do so one can only assume that he wants to go ahead with good example themselves. Below a roof over the head it will be so gratifying and humanitarian welcome for those affected, to have – you don’t like they matter. Because you want this: evening sitting in front of the TV with a madman constantly schmauchenden pipe and talking about any political message, a relapse directly was imminent in the NAZI era? In their mutual interest and in the interest of the international friendships you should pitch a tent in the garden. . You can click this to discover extra regarding this interesting matter.

IVG: for Jarvis, Fromentin has not “place” to the IDU.

Jean-Christophe Fromantin is the only member of his group to vote against this resolution, along with a member of the extreme right and 5 UMP deputies. In a statement Thursday, Jean-Christophe Fromantin explained its position, believing that "it confused reaffirmation and evolution." "Contrary to what is expressed in the title of this resolution, this text does reaffirms no draft submitted by Simone Veil in 1974. In the text which marks the anniversary, it was to open a derogation to the principle of protection of humans from the beginning of life", he wrote. "It was necessary, and Simone Veil itself recognized the exceptional and dramatic this decision character. (. . . ) Its transformation into fundamental right opens the trivialization of abortion and marks a profound change in the principle of exception which prevailed until now,"said Jean-Christophe Fromantin, which adds that" only 151 deputies were present "vote and that" those who reproach him his position were not present. In a communiqué issued then, president of the IDU members, Philippe Vigier has said meanwhile that "the vast majority of MEPs IDU was co-signed this resolution initiated by the Socialist MEP Catherine Coutelle" and that "the 5 members present IDU yesterday (,.). and who voted in favour of this text thus carried the voice of IDU and its values".   . For extended information about this topic visit

At 19 years old he won the Los Angeles Music Awards: “I started to play thanks to Breed”.

The young Antonio Salerno, rock, has just returned from winner Los Angeles Music Awards, where he was awarded the International composer and arranger of the year. In a video interview tells us her story and her musical passion, born with listening to Giovanni Allevi. With his great joy the tracks are selected and Antonio part for l. a. where the final will be held. Without even performing (and almost incredulously) Antonio WINS International Award for composer and arranger of the year, who tosses it to the attention of the national and international press in a heartbeat. In early December, thanks to the media attention that was offered, will participate in the Jazz Music magazine compilation in honour of Lelio Luttazzi.   Antonio, who has rearranged the song jazz key return to Trieste, will be alongside artists of the highest floor as Stefano Bollani, Mina, Lucio Dalla, Fiorello, Danilo Rea and Simon Malley.   The offer came from producer Alberto Zeppieri and Rossana, widow of Lelio Luttazzi, who appreciated its composition to dream of you (the same presented in Los Angeles) to Pov music contest of Udine. Antonio, the microphones of Fanpage talks about his love for music, born from listening to the music of Giovanni Allevi. Much has been said of the famous pianist and composer of Ascoli Piceno, even on this newspaper. His compositions are of great historical interest is music is widely reported. There is no doubt that his pose as a founder of a new musical aesthetics, in the wake of the great composers and conductors of the past, have no foundation and are found controversy and publicity. In the face of Antonio, a pianist so young and willing, full of dreams, we wonder if kids today (tomorrow’s musicians) have not need of adult generations of new reference points. Left to themselves, without a future, without an education with a passion, which is fruit of a careful and informed Guide, may risk sending them adrift. And then, in the absence of a State that load of musical education in schools, in the absence of a renewed recognition of music as an art form in Italy par excellence, and in the continuing cultural drift that we are living, well be the Breed, if it is the only solution to bring more young people to music, studying an instrument, or simply, to let him set foot in a concert hall. At least in the absence of a serious and dutiful long-term cultural policy. We met Antonio Rock at his home. At his piano to wall there sounded two lucky, A dream of you and back to Trieste. He showed us his fetishes, from Beethoven to figurine box set autographed by Breed, which now knows personally and with which has a usual correspondence. We can only wish many successes to Antonio and many other musical discoveries. . Inspirational data may be studied visiting the following article.

The rocket fell at 20 meters from me.

Belligerent, uncontrollable and sometimes lovers cross gamees: such is the uplifting portrait of the warlords of Lugansk prepared by Pierre Sautreuil in the Obs of November 21, 2014.   Only 21 years old, this journalism student at Sciences-Po, scholar and equipped with a tropism for the former Soviet countries (communism, it makes me traveling, he says), took advantage of his gap year to explore East of the Ukraine embroiled in the war. He tells. -I met Yuri Beliaev via VKontakte, Russian Facebook. This former war criminal, known for its atrocities in Bosnia, deals today,. public relations of Alexandre Bednov, said Batman, Commander of a pro-Russian battalion conducting undercover operations in the East of the Ukraine. Beliaev dropped me his cell phone number, and it took me to their base. -These neo-nazis are anti-Semitic, of course, but this is primarily the ultranationalist folklore. They are disturbing because they send weapons of Ukraine to the Russia. Their goal is to outflank Putin on his right – Putin considered the middle man in Russia. Destabilization is possible. What dangers you faced when you travel in the East of the Ukraine? -Both times I went to the front, I was caught in the bombing. The first time, it was the mortar; It kills within a radius of 200 metres. More you hear the whistle, and more it is bad sign, because it means that it’s not going to fall away. The hiss scored me. Ukrainians then places me in a 4 x 4. While driving, one of them armed his rifle. I am concerned, I asked several times what is the problem, it does not,.   Finally, I learn that there are regular ambushes on the road. I therefore find myself stuck in a military vehicle within a conflict zone! Exactly the scenario that I wanted to avoid. I think this would be con make me kill by Batman and his separatists. Once arrived at destination, I am entitled to four hours of interrogation. I am asked 40 times the same question, I give 40 times the same response. The officer copied all my photos. I me in am out by proving that I was a journalist through my articles published on the Internet. Be French in the East of the Ukraine, it is an advantage or a disadvantage? -When they are in optimum conditions, Russians and Ukrainians have been very francophile. Referred you to Pierre Richard, Gérard Depardieu or Mireille Mathieu, who are stars in Russia. On the other hand, the question of the Mistral arouses a certain mistrust on both sides (Ukrainians accuse France of having signed the contract with the Russia, and the Russians have suspended the sale, Editor’s note).   Above all, you meet people who will exceed, which demonstrate extraordinary courage, because for them it works or die. As these miners of the Dombass who were 60 banks and who are returning to the mine, illegally, to touch $ 200,, Will you leave in the East of the Ukraine? -The separatists have a fighter jet, one and one only. I’d love to do a topic on his driver (laughs). I also plan to return to the front for the Orthodox Christmas, to show a more human aspect of this war. . You can visit this hyperlink to read more about this amazing matter.

On Pole for three years, my adviser told me to arrange my CV.

Long-term unemployed person. 20 years ago, hear this expression left me still skeptical. Graduate of a Bac + 4, setting in a major distribution company, from the top of my 23 years, I thought that these people themselves did not always the means to find a job. When you want to, you can.   Long term,. Which consider long-term as unemployed? According to, Insee, the long-term means for the asset been unemployed for more than a year. A quick calculation confirms that, for two years and five months, I’m ranked in this category.   Yet, at this moment, there is doubt that with my skills, my course in large companies and my natural bouncy, I’ll pass my conversion. Need me just a little time to think about and implement an action plan with Pôle Emploi.   First interview a fortnight after registration on the Internet. At no time, wonder why conventional rupture. My two partners, the one from the ex-Assedic seemed to be in training, are more busy to validate the boxes of the software only to wonder about the person in front of them. I provided my V C update. First question: what business should we enter your CFPAF (project custom access to employment)? That is what I know, me? I’m just here so it helps me to find new. It was therefore decided to register my last busy function. I’ll be convened within three months by a Counsellor who will follow me throughout my unemployment. In fact, I am almost four months to meet this person.   It changed my file to the Pole employment framework because, I am told, it will devote more time. At the first appointment, still no question about my breaking of a CDI for nine years. I do share my will to conversion and asks a bilan de compétences: my DIF 100% could finance it. In this case, Pôle Emploi has nothing to pay, subject to the agreement of the Adviser. The answer is without appeal: the balance sheet is pointless. My Advisor assures me that the majority of people return finally in their sector. Having only twenty minutes to devote to each candidate, it seems rather pressed to enter a code ROME in my CFPAF. Code ROME, it is a bit like a barcode would stick you on the nape. This label determines your profile and offers that we will offer you, to which you will be obliged to respond. How to assign it to someone who wants to change activity?  At the second appointment, a month and a half later, she press me to decide on a project, otherwise you will have to respond to the proposals in the retail sector. I therefore decide for training via the CNED to prepare administrative contests, finding positions in my family situation-compatible timetables. CNED being in dispute with my organization of OPCA, I cannot use my DIF and must take my load 100% of the training: 1100 euros.   In may 2014, I am registered with Pôle Emploi for three years. My (still new) adviser told me that my nominations can scare, perhaps arrange my v. V. I was manager, store manager; I become administrative officer. At the same time, my city agency decides to follow by an outside human resources firm. Short- and long-term unemployed are invited to meet every week for three months a consultant to determine a project. The official goal: that every registrant has a job within three months. Experience: a control of our research rather than a genuine accompanying it would now propose to go 100% Web, trade and workshops dematerialized with advisors online. A cat; a callback. I think then decided not to join the system. Trust me is lacking, not to mention the risk of a problem technical, equipment or connection. By accepting this 100% Web, the unemployed could do even more out of him. More time passes, it becomes unemployable, more doubts and more he isolates himself. Yet the need for a real contact with the advisors, the other unemployed, work psychologists is shouting.   . For more facts on this matter click