Exchange a sign of peace during mass is no longer required.

The Vatican Congregation for divine worship calls for sobriety: the moment of exchange of the handshake during the religious ceremony should not be an occasion to make racket ‘ during mass. Just chaos in churches around the world at the time of exchange of the sign of peace during mass. Is the diktat that the Vatican Congregation for divine worship has asked all the Bishops of the world, in an official document posted in recent weeks. The document is the result of a study of nine years and focuses on the conclusion that "Catholics are called to the important task of building a just and peaceful world and this implies a deeper understanding of the Christian meaning of paca and its expression in liturgical celebration". In a nutshell, the moment of peace has become a moment of ‘ racket ‘, of which the faithful, now, understand the deeper sense, a moment of annoyance for those who have really picked up in prayer. Pope Benedict XVI had even proposed that they changed the liturgy of the mass, when the moment of exchange of peace since the consecration of the Eucharist, the most solemn mass, in which bread and wine are transformed into the body and blood of Christ. The idea was taken directly from the Ambrosian rite (i.e. the rite of the mass which is celebrated in the province of Milan) and who, from time immemorial, place the exchange of peace before the Offertory. The Roman Missal will not be changed, but the moment of exchange of peace in the future will be carried out in a more sober. The Congregation makes it clear that "it is legitimate to say that there is no need to invite mechanical way to Exchange peace": the rite, i.e., is optional, not mandatory and can be safely avoided. If priests want to comunqur do you need to consider "a change in the way in which the exchange of peace happens": that is, often, in a confusing and inappropriate for a mass. The Congregation, then, also makes a list of liturgical abuses that today are the norm as you know well who participate every so many the mass: in theory, it is forbidden to sing a song while you give your hand to neighbors (who doesn’t know: "peace to you brother Malik, peace to you sister miaaaa mother"?), move from one aisle to the next to give peace to relatives and friends of the heartusing the exchange of peace to give good wishes to the bride and groom or condolences to relatives of the deceased. A liturgical abuse will do well as the priests who often descend from the altar to kiss to embrace the faithful of the first file. Moderating the excesses is the goal, because it is written in the document "If the believer does not understand and does not show in his ritual gestures, the true meaning of the right to peace, is missing from the Christian concept of peace and its successful participation in the Eucharist is diminished". . Original facts can be studied reading this

Data animation: world map shows hike the wise and powerful.

These points of light provides individual stories behind 150 000. The researchers searched for together of artist names they from the open database Freebase, the General artist lexicon and the Getty Union list. They recorded every human being, around 2000 was culturally important in recent years, with dates of birth and death in their data collection. The brighter lights up a point on their map, the more prominent personalities breathed there so from her life at that time. The study draws a remarkably comprehensive picture of cultural interaction between Europe and North America, which can, otherwise only capture if one sifts through reams of literature or combined independent datasets, Sagi explained in a press release. The essay appears today in the journal Science. How comprehensive is the map that shows the bandwidth of the personalities. The Roman Emperor and the first Popes have as well their own points of light, like Marilyn Monroe and Jim Morrison. That at the beginning of the first Millennium moved to Rome, who had rank and name, although neither may be surprised as the fact that died in the last few decades most actors in Hollywood. Really exciting but will the migration map in detail. Thus seem to fall to such fame and fortune do not automatically together: the cultural centres of the time are often not identical to those of trade and economy. How and where the thinker lived, varies within strong: can sparkle in France, for example, seem socially just, who moved to Paris. Like a huge magnet, the city on the Seine moved ever all intellectual and artistic creativity of the country itself. In Germany, however, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne and Heidelberg and Leipzig competed through the centuries to the minds of the nation. France is characteristic for an IM winning is everything regime, write the researchers in their study, while in Germany, any city could attract ever more than 19 percent of the important personalities of the country. . For additional facts regarding this subject read

Gaza war: Israel and Hamas want to let the weapons.

Israelis and militant Palestinians have agreed to a three-day ceasefire and immediate negotiations. The 72-stündige ceasefire should on Friday morning at 8 00 pm local time (7 00 pm CEST) start as a UN spokesman in New York said. Also both sides had agreed to immediate negotiations in Egypt to a permanent ceasefire. The UN spokesman further announced that Israelis and Palestinians assured the UN special mediator Robert Serry, the unconditional humanitarian ceasefire to want to abide by. The three-day period could be extended. It was during this time, the troops will stay in their positions, in the joint statement read out in New York by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and US Secretary of State John Kerry. The UN emergency relief coordinator Valerie Amos and the head of the UN relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), Pierre Krähenbühl, the UN Security Council on Thursday evening about the catastrophic situation of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip reported. Krähenbühl, who was connected by telephone from Gaza, described the suffering of plastic and from personal observations: I saw gruesome wounds in the children’s Department of a hospital. These are the unacceptable consequences of a conflict of that must be stopped immediately. The people in Gaza feel abandoned according to Krähenbühl. 220 000 people are under our protection, and there are more every day. There are now already four times as much as during the battles of 2008 and 2009. He confirmed that rockets had been found in three vacant UNRWA facilities. We condemn this and have informed all pages. We tolerate no weapons in our facilities. . Additional facts can be found visiting blog.

Holland on vacation ten days à la Lanterne at Versailles.

Unlike most Ministers, François Holland had a thick mystery around his vacation. L’elysee lifted the curtain on Thursday. Nothing very exotic. The head of State will spend the bulk of its ten days of vacation, from 5 to August 14, at the residence of the Lantern, on the edge of the Park of the Château de Versailles (Yvelines) "president will take a few days holiday, including at the residence of the Lantern, with his family," says the Presidency, implying that he could perform in the meantime a few private trips. Discreet hunting lodge, the Lantern is officially a holiday of Prime Ministers. However, Nicolas Sarkozy had set its sights on this embellished residence of a court tennis and a swimming pool after his election in 2007.  And since 2012, Francois Hollande, continues to enjoy. As the Government and its Prime Minister, no question of cut off completely. The head of State will remain "available to monitor international crises and direct the action of the Executive with Manuel Valls" are added to the Elysee. The Prime Minister will leave about the same time, but the two heads of the Executive "planned to maintain constant liaison". 60 candles, François Holland will blow them on 12 August ‘in the family, with her children"still said the Elysee. A way to silence once and for all the rumors on a possible formalization of his association with actress Julie Gayet on the occasion of his birthday. "The only event I know August 12, it is my birthday (,.). But don’t bother to bring presents, gifts or favors!"he had joked to journalists. François Holland holidays will be framed by commemorations. He will visit Sunday and Monday in Alsace and in Liège, Belgium, for the 100th anniversary of the great war. And on 15 August, it will go to Provence for the 70th anniversary of the Allied landing. Meanwhile, the official agenda should remain empty. . You can visit this to read more regarding this great topic.

Ebola: Paris recommends to suspend travel in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria.

The french Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recommended Thursday to suspend all proposed travel in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria, where Ebola haemorrhagic fever cases are proven. Except for compelling reasons, it is recommended to the French to suspend all proposed travel in countries where cases of Ebola hemorrhagic fever are proven (Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria), said Deputy spokesman of the Ministry, Vincent Floreani. The Ministry issued this alert in the tips section for travellers on its website, in close coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs and health, said in a statement. The balance sheet of the epidemic of haemorrhagic fever in large part due to the Ebola in West Africa continues to worsen with more than 1. 300 cases and 729 deaths to 27 July, including 57 in four days, according to the last balance sheet of the world Organization of the health (MOH) published Thursday. Epidemic expressed at the beginning of the year in Guinea before winning Liberia and Sierra Leone. In Nigeria, an official Liberian, age 40, died Friday last in Lagos of the Ebola virus, becoming the first case of this deadly Festus listed in that country. . Inspirational data may be found reading this home page.

Most dangerous form of the virus not to curb – until the war, then the disease: fruit bats bring Ebola in Africa’s crises States.

Rapidly the most dangerous of all the variants of Ebola spreading in West Africa currently: the Zaire Ebola virus.  Researchers have a guess who puts it into circulation: flying – foxes and that are in the affected regions often on the menu. The Ebola epidemic in West Africa with more than 700 dead probably goes back to bat according to scientists. Are some of the animals in the region since a long time carrier of the virus or an infected Flying Fox was moved here from Central Africa, report researchers in the journal PLOS neglected tropical diseases. Whether animals of the region actually carry Ebola study in itself, will examine at the moment. In the fight against the Ebola epidemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) and West African States want to create an emergency program in the amount of $100 million (74.8 million euros). As the WHO announced on Thursday in Geneva, Director-General Margaret will attend Chan this Friday at an emergency summit of the countries concerned in Guinea’s capital Conakry. The WHO has registered more than 1300 cases of dangerous disease in West Africa, 729 people died of the disease. It is unlikely that a person brought the pathogen to Guinea, write Daniel Bausch of Tulane School of public health and tropical medicine in New Orleans in the U.S. State of Louisiana and Lara black of McGill University in Montreal, Canada. There are no regular trade or travel routes between Central Africa and Guinea. Guéckédou – the Ebola Epicenter, where the virus has occurred probably for the first time, was also widely secluded.   As carriers, mainly three types could be the the researchers duo according to: the hammer head (Hypsignathus monstrosus), the Franquet epaulettes fruit bat (Epomops franqueti) and the narrow collar fruit bat (Myonycteris torquata). Ebola virus be transmitted especially when in contact with body fluids. The United Nations had warned about weeks ago to hunting flying foxes and other wild animals in the region and to eat. According to the UN food and Agriculture Organization FAO, the animals in West Africa are dried or in sharp soup eaten.    That it came at all to an epidemic, lie largely on the social and political conditions in the countries concerned. This applies to outbreaks of Ebola as well as for the other hemorrhagic fever. Such epidemics don’t occur – often happens in areas where are the economy and the public health system after decades of civil wars on the ground. All three currently mainly affected countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – have suffered in the past from serious political unrest.   . For more facts on this subject click weblink.

The Act gender equality validated by the Constitutional Council.

The Constitutional Council validated Thursday the law for real equality between women and men, in dismissing an appeal against a change in definition of voluntary termination of pregnancy, according to a release of this institution. The Council had been seized by more than sixty Senators UMP, hostile to what abortion is allowed for the woman who does not want to continue a pregnancy, accurate this law definitely adopted on 23 July. This formulation replaces the Veil law of January 1975 authorizing the use of abortion for the pregnant woman that her condition placed in a distress situation. Against this change, a market for life supported by the Pope had gathered in Paris between 16. 000 and 40. 000 people. The UMP Senators challenged the conformity to the Constitution of the new formulation. According to the release of the judges of the Palais-Royal, the Constitutional Council noted that the existing provisions reserve the expectant care d? appreciate only if it is in a distress situation. The modification of their drafting to provide the pregnant woman who does not want to continue a pregnancy may ask l? interruption to a doctor does infringe any constitutional requirement, said the Council. The guardians of the Constitution on the other hand did a reserve of purely formal interpretation on parity in administrative or public authorities independent and uncensored, for reasons of procedure, two very secondary provisions of the Act. The flagship measure of real equality between women and men Act aims to encourage fathers to take parental leave. The Act complements also the existing texts on professional equality, violence against women and gender equality in politics. Unusually, this text, defended by Minister of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem women’s rights, was approved in the National Assembly and the Senate by the left and most centrists, while the majority of elected UMP abstained. No member had voted against. Ms. Vallaud-Belkacem welcomed in a statement of the decision opening the way for the enactment of this Act, which will be an essential vector for advancing l? equality between women and men in our country. She has promised to ensure the publication of the texts of the law before the end of the year. . You must click this homepage to read extra regarding this interesting matter.

Christians in the Middle East: on the hit list of the Islamists.

Christianity is threatened in its existence today in Syria and in the Iraq, the places where it had deployed its first flowering in late Antiquity. In Damascus, there is still the straight road that Saul became Paul. But nearby, in the village of Syria, where the language of Jesus, Aramaic was spoken until recently, Islamist extremists have desecrated the convent of St. Thekla dating from the fourth century and destroyed. In the hills surrounding Aleppo, pillar Saints such as Simeon had practiced for the first time a strict asceticism. There, Warriors of the Islamic State, a self-proclaimed Caliph is headed, have kidnapped two bishops and allegedly killed. The evangelists Matthew and Lukas report how the people, had been saved from Nineveh, the present-day Mosul by Jonas of all evil. But just the Warriors of Jihad have expelled the Christians in Mosul and destroyed the tomb of Jonas. The flowering of early Christianity in the Middle East was possible because in the realm of the Persian Parthians, which was religion-political liberal, Christians could practise their faith at a time freely because they still followed the Romans. Only 380 became State religion Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. In addition, the Roman and the Persian culture overlapped in Southeastern Anatolia. In cities including Edessa (Urfa today) and Nisibis (Nusaybin today) pulsed spiritual life, theological fundamental issues were controversial. In the Christian town of Edessa, there were many sects that had not had set their dogmas. The Church, which later should prevail, was still in the minority. Nisibin was a Centre for the translation of Greek philosophy. Many heretics found refuge there. It became a Center for the Nestorian Christians, who were violation of the Byzantine Empire, because they rejected the doctrine of the two natures of Christ. . Main data can be studied reading the following

Ebola/Nigeria: companies refuse to transport the sample of the fatal case.

The sample of the first fatal case of Ebola in Nigeria could not yet be sent to experts from the World Health (who) Organization in Dakar because courier companies oppose, the UN agency said on Thursday. The sample (,.) still needs to be sent to the Institut Pasteur in Dakar who Collaborating Centre in Senegal due to the refusal of courier companies to carry this sample, said who in a press release. The current epidemic of haemorrhagic fever hits the Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and has been a death in Nigeria. Patrick Sawyer, an official of the Government of Liberia, 40 years old, died Friday last in Lagos of the Ebola virus, becoming the first case listed in Nigeria of this deadly fever. He died in quarantine at the private clinic First Consultants of Obalende, leaving fear an onset of epidemic in Lagos, which has more than 20 million people. Mr. Sawyer, that has probably been contaminated by his sister, who died of Ebola recently had come to Nigeria to attend a regional conference. According to who, the deceased had arrived in Lagos on July 20 by plane via Lomé (Togo) and Accra (Ghana). What led two African Airlines, Arik and Zack, to interrupt their links with Liberia and Sierra Leone. 59 people who have been in contact with Mr. Sawyer (including 15 members of staff at the airport and 44 of the hospital) have currently been identified, according to who. In addition to Nigeria, three other countries are affected by the epidemic: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. In total, the date of July 27, who recorded 1. 323 cases of haemorrhagic fever (Ebola confirmed 909) 729 resulted in death (485 confirmed Ebola). Ebola, a virus that causes hemorrhagic fevers, takes its name from a river in the North of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (ex-Zaire), where he was spotted for the first time in 1976. Its death rate can range from 25 to 90% in humans. This family of filoviridae (filovirus) virus is transmitted by direct contact with blood, body fluids or tissues of infected animals or people. . For additional facts about this topic visit

The Bologna Prosecutor’s Office has filed to request storage Gip for positions of Thomas Kram and Christa Margot Frohlich. The two former German terrorists were investigated for station August 2, 1980 massacre, in the so-called Palestinian track. The Palestinian track was an alternative theory on judicial truth about the massacre, which saw the final sentences for former Nar Giuseppe valerio Fioravanti and Francesca Mambro and Luigi Ciavardini. According to the reconstructions of the supporters of this alternative track, the attack on the station in which 85 people died and 200 were wounded, was a retaliation by the popular front for the liberation of Palestine (Pflp) to ‘ violation ‘ of the so-called ‘ Dark ‘ award. The existence of the ‘ Dark ‘ award-the alleged agreement between Italy and the Palestinians, according to which the Palestinians could carry guns and explosives in Italy in return for immunity from terrorist attacks-has not found any confirmation in the investigation of the judicial police, in consultation with the archives of the security services, nor in the copious documentation acquired. Kram and Frolich had been entered in the register of suspects in July 2011. Today the storage request, one year away from spontaneous statements made by Kram. The 66-year-old German had stressed its strangeness to the bombing, while confirming that he had slept in Bologna between 1 and August 2, 1980. Even Frohlich, according to a witness who was supposed to be scrutinized by investigators, in those days was in town. For Paolo Bolognesi, President of the Association of families of the victims, the demand for storage is the culmination of a long expected and that finally takes place by clarity on an operation that did not even have the dignity of despistaggio, it was so poor. Bolognese now hopes that it is the right time to identify the instigators of the massacre at the station. Anyway-concludes Bolognesi, dialogue with the Agency say the demand for storage is a fundamental news, because it puts an end to one thing which is not going anywhere in the efforts to search for the truth. But if you are about to turn the page of the Palestinian track, he does not stop the commitment of judges to identify the instigators of the massacre. In fact, remains in the field investigation opened in 2011 after delivering two memorials drawn up by the Association of relatives of victims of the bombing. Hundreds of pages drawn up by lawyers who assist the Association and that take into account more than 50 years of Italian history. For this line have already been heard numerous people including Licio Gelli, sentenced for screening on the massacre, and the former Sismi Colonel Armando doors. Saturday Bologna will commemorate the 85 victims of the massacre at the station. The premier Matteo Renzi was unable to accept the invitation of Mayor Virginio Merola and family members of the victims; commissioned by the Government to attend the ceremony is Labour Minister Giuliano Poletti. . For more data regarding this subject visit