San Lorenzo brings the Copa Libertadores to his Pope François supporter.

A delegation of the club San Lorenzo’s Buenos Aires brought Wednesday to Pope François, tifoso since childhood of this team, the Copa Libertadores, won for the first time in its history, noted Wednesday AFP at the general audience. Club officials and several players have long hailed Pope who took the huge cut metal silver in his hands, and received players several swimsuits in the colours red and blue Club, he has made before him. And then it comes right through a group, surrounded by players photo. San Lorenzo’s Buenos Aires Almagro beat in the final last Wednesday the Paraguayans of Club Nacional of Asunción, a first in the history of the fetish club of Pope Bergoglio. The vice-president of the club Argentina and host-star of television, Marcelo Tinelli, announced during the celebrations of post-match that a delegation would travel to the Vatican to present the Cup to the Pope, supporter of this club founded by a priest. You are part of my identity, has also launched François during the hearing at San Lorenzo players. Before flying to Korea South Wednesday, François had dropped: today is a special day, in reference to the final. Then, on the plane that brought back to Seoul, the Pope had estimated that after the second place (Argentina) to the Brazil (at the world, Editor’s note), c? was good news. I live with joy but this isn’t a miracle, not!, he however said with humor. For me, San Lorenzo is l? team that my whole family was supporter. My father played in l? basketball team. And when we were children, we also sometimes went with MOM to the stadium, he said. . Inspirational data may be found clicking the following page.

Summer: from Friday to Lauro music and readings in the square.

Rome, 19 Aug. -(Adnkronos)-Lauro comes alive during the summer with cultural events prepared by the Councillor for culture, Emma Siniscalchi. Friday at 21, piazza Pandola onstage, will take place the concert of the great Russian Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Udmurtia, conducted by maestro Leonardo Quadrini, with music by Verdi, Bizet, Rossini and Tchaikovsky. Saturday at 19, at the Auditorium of the St. Philip Neri, will be presented the book the cry of the Wolf by Gerardo Picardo, reporter for Reuters, which reveal the unusual history of robber Pascale Riccio di Lauro and his companions. Speak with the author the Mayor and the Councillor for culture of Lauro, Antonio and Emma Bossone Siniscalchi. There is, however, for band music festival Laurel to be held Monday and Tuesday 25 26 in piazza Municipio (21 hours) as part of the festivities in honour of the patron saints Rocco and Sebastian. The protagonists of the two days will be the city of the city of Lecce and Bracigliano, directed by Carmine Santaniello and Paul masters Now. . For additional regarding this subject click

-A no to the Cuban Parliament, despite the relative weight of this organism in Havana, had never seen. Or at least, none historian recalls. Yet something is changing. Because today was news that for the first time in the history of Cuba’s National Assembly-which has 612 deputies but not an opposition-a law of brothers Fidel and Raul Castro was approved with a vote against. In short, nothing to do with the unanimous and promoted allineatissime they see twice a year, when members get together very quickly. But there is another news story. Why vote against last December 20 (but it is known today only), it has delivered nothing less than Mariela Castro. Namely from Raul’s daughter and granddaughter of lider maximo Fidel. Which, lately, has been submitted by South American tv among the victims of the recent crash of Air Algerie in Mali, even though it was all fake. Castro, psychologist, President of the National Centre for sex education of Cuba and historic rights of homosexuals and transsexuals, broke a taboo Island historian because it objected to a law on work which, in your opinion, did not contain the necessary measures to prevent sexual discrimination or properly against employees infected with Hiv. It is the first time that it happens, no doubt, told the Associated Press Carlos Alzugaray, historian and former Cuban diplomat. In the past, despite several public protests against certain laws (see the last retirement), never had a contrary vote in Parliament. According to the scholar Arturo Lopez-Levy, also heard from the Ap, is a first step that could open to other important initiatives. Not surprisingly, it seems that Mariela Castro has asked for further debate in Parliament on the subject. And in an interview a few weeks ago to blogger Francisco Rodriguez, another gay rights activist, admitted that the Cuban democratic system must be perfected. For other observers, on the other hand, it is a fluke. Why Mariela Castro, due to its strong relationships, can afford what others cannot, for any reason. Also, despite this opposition, remains a firm supporter of the Castro regime. That, however, recently launched a few feeble reform, such as opening a limited private sector activity and facilities for outbound visas. Mariela Castro, in the past, it has often beaten to legalize same-sex unions, but so far have not yet become law. This despite a clear opening of the regime towards homosexuals, fiercely opposed and discriminated against in the 1960s and 1970s. Not surprisingly, Fidel Castro in the past apologized for the persecution of the Government against the Lgbt community. Main data may be found checking this website.

Challenge of the bucket of water: the US celebrities get wet for a good cause.

A bucket of ice water on his head and a $100 donation: Justin Bieber, Bill Gates and dozens of celebrities American get wet a challenge for a good cause, the Gehrig’s disease, become viral on the internet of the tens of thousands of people, known or unknown, is are thrown since July and continue to do so, before a cameraa bucket of ice water on his head, challenging others to do the same against a $100 donation. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (the challenge of the bucket of water iced) is the last feat to achieve for a good cause, raise donations for the ALS association, which fight against Gehrig’s disease – disease of Lou Gehrig, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) – a neurodegenerative disease. Many stars of show business have not hesitated to get wet: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, James Franco, Ben Affleck, Lena Dunham, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Lopez, or Bon Jovi, among others. Policies, sportsmen, patterns are there are placed also: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the star of basketball LeBron James, the Director of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg. The most original to the challenge, that had launched it the boss of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, will have been Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, which is build, mask welder on the head, a complex system of levers and pulleys to overthrow the bucket. -’ An incredible influx of support’ – the widow of Senator Robert Kennedy, Ethel Kennedy, age 86, head wet, has arrested the president Barack Obama, who has declined the offer, according to the White House, but promised a donation. The challenge, fun to make, requiring little equipment and whose purpose is charitable, saw his fame spread with extraordinary rapidity. Monday, more than 4.2 million tweets him had been spent since July 29, with a record of 1. 887 tweets per minute Monday, said Twitter with AFP. According to Facebook, between June 1 and August 17, more than 28 million people spoke about the challenge on the social network, and 2.4 million videos have been posted. The social network noted a high concentration of starting in Boston (northeast), where the challenge would be gone after a video posted by a patient and former athlete, Pete Frates. Tuesday, the ALS association welcomed the incredible influx of support. To date, $ 22.9 million were collected (compared to 1.9 million year last for the same period, from July 29 to August 19) and more than 450. 000 new registered donors. We must consider how we spend this money so that in 10 or 20 years, people see that the Ice Bucket Challenge was a turning point for the disease, said the Chair of the ALS Barbara Newhouse. This success has led associations to reflect on types of similar campaigns, at the risk of tire. Internet allows to set equal to the call for donations, even the rarest diseases, said Tuesday at the Wall Street Journal Mary Dunkle, spokesman for North, association dedicated to rare diseases. Former french tennis player Jérôme Golmard announced for example in the spring be reached from Charcot disease, which gradually destroys nerve cells controlling the muscles, resulting in weakening and gradual paralysis. 6. 000 to 8. 000 people suffer in France. . Extended info can be read reading

Police in Ferguson: you want to just (be) protect.

The police is, one believes one of the few remaining professional groups who still mostly enjoys the confidence of the population in the United States the polls, along with small business owners and soldiers. For nearly two weeks, officials in Ferguson, Missouri give however abundant effort, to destroy the rest of confidence. Only the policeman punch Darren Wilson the unarmed teenager Michael Brown with six shots, then she scared the demonstrators residents with a martialischem appearance as if the village were not in St. Louis but in Iraq. News from Ferguson: A colleague and me got handcuffed and for 3 hours arrested because we did our job to investigate the Michael Brown case – Ansgar Graw (@Potomaker) August 18, 2014 actually Graw is just one of countless demonstrators who had the misfortune in the clutches of the police in the past few days to get – but also a representative a handful of detained journalists, which is unusual in the United States, which considers freedom of the press as one of their highest goods. As US President Barack Obama called the local security forces and the protesters for prudence, he expressly pointed out the freedom of the press. Titled almost already anarchist-style, the day on which the police became my enemy reporter Graw describes how his arrest his childlike trust in the U.S. police deprived him. . For additional data about this subject visit weblink.

A more sharpened Skoda Fabia.

The Vision C prototype, a coupe-like sedan presented in March last Geneva Motor Show, announced the revival of the Skoda style. The third generation of the Fabia supermini is the first model of the range to inaugurate this new stylistic language focused on "more expressive design, sharp and emotionally charged. Enlarged 9 cm and lowest of 3 cm, the Fabia is indeed better proportioned. While maintaining a length of approx. 4 m (3.99 m) which keeps it between her cousins VW Polo (3.97 m) and Seat Ibiza (4.06 m), it is now as wide as a Clio IV. Another significant change, the adoption of guidelines strained incorporating crisp edges. Without releasing photos of the Interior of the new Fabia, Skoda promises a greater habitability and the largest volume of trunk of the category, or 330 dm3, an increase of 15 dm3 compared to its predecessor. A serious update will be also made in terms of equipment. We already know that it will have the technology "MirrorLink", allowing to find the environment of its smartphone on the screen of the multimedia system. Chapter engines, the next entry into force of the depollution Euro 6 standard avoids that small Skoda drags dated mechanical. It is in contrast to the new generation of engines recently discovered in the Polo facelift. In essence, we find the 3-cylinder 1. 0 MPI 60 ch and 75 HP, as well as the 4-cylinder 1. 2 ist 90 BHP and 110 c. Diesel, it is the unique 3-cylinder 1. 4 TDI who is engaged with its three levels of power: 75 HP, 90 HP and 105 c. The dual-clutch DSG box will remain optional with certain engines. . You should read this site to discover more on this interesting topic.

Conflict in the Eastern Ukraine: Merkel travels to Kiev on Saturday.

Angela Merkel is to travel to Kiev on Saturday for political talks. The Chancellor will meet the Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko and Prime Minister Arsenij Jazenjuk at the one-day visit, the Federal Press Office announced on Tuesday in Berlin. The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pawel said Klimkin late Monday evening in Kiev, little progress had been made at the meeting in Berlin. He got the impression that Russia will also continue to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine. "It is terribly important that Russia has committed to ensure the presence of OSCE observers," Klimkin said. The Ukrainian military Meanwhile, barg 15 victims of a rocket attack on a refugee convoy in the East of the country according to its own figures. A military spokesman said on Tuesday in Kiev, the bodies had been found on Monday evening. The search will continue with further deaths. On Monday, dozens people were killed in the attack according to the military. According to the Government in Kiev, refugees from the city of Luhansk, including numerous women and children sat in the buses. According to a military spokesman, many of the victims were burnt beyond recognition. The Ukraine accuses the pro-Russian separatists for the Act to be responsible, what this dispute and the Government troops which assign responsibility. A separatist leader hinted that the incident not even existed. There are pictures of the incident so far as a confirmation by an independent party. The US State Department condemned the Act, but could not say who was responsible. The Government troops have been fighting for four months against the rebels, calling for a connection of the territory to Russia. The fighting have increased significantly in severity in recent days. . You should read this article to learn extra about this interesting subject.

Pensions, the hypothesis: cut over 3,500 euros to help esodati and cassintegrati.

A sort of solidarity on the part of retirees to help cassintegrati and esodati. You could define the intervention from the Government stronger pensions, calculated with the old method of pay.  At the moment, it should be noted, is only an hypothesis which writes the Republic. The Executive headed by Matteo Renzi would therefore thinking of a levy on the difference between the retirement allowance that you receive according to the rules pre Dini reform (1996) and the theoretical amount that would be gained by applying the contribution method, that fully adopted for younger workers.  According to il Sole 24 Ore this difference can be measured on one income bracket from 60,000 euros, in the order of 38.2% (36.576 euros against 22.599 euros); on one income bracket from 120,000 euros in order of 36.2%. Cutting Golden pensions would lead into the coffers of the State something like a billion a year "to support the income of those who a few years from retirement are losing jobs (the esodati) but also the layoffs notwithstanding that today provides an allowance for employees of small businesses in crisis", writes Dr.  Nor is it possible that a part of the revenue would be diverted to reinforce minimum pensions. The resources will be used mainly to support mature workers income to 4 or 5 years from retirement should lose the place. Avoiding new esodati. The scheme provides that these workers, who have difficulty finding a new job, go after two years of unemployment benefits (Aspi), a cheque for about 750 euros per month for the period necessary to mature the requirements for an old-age pension. Once retired, the worker would return in installments what is effectively an early retirement. In short, a sort of social lending. The loss would be around 5-6 percent of the monthly check. An operation that would cost about 500-600 million a year. And there would also be a contribution by the companies concerned to avoid that in this way they can surreptitiously resurface early retirement. According to the simulations of every outgoing worker would cost businesses 12-15 thousand euros and the workers concerned may be around 30-40 thousand a year. The fundamental question concerns the famous "bar": which figure will begin the withdrawal of solidarity that Renzi & C. should put in place? At the moment, the figure seems more believable than it is about 3500 euros net per month, although at first it was rumors that would also cover those who receive income from pension of 50,000 euros gross per year. No intervention, however, continues, Republic of retirement age that will be that fixed by law Fornero (67 years) because a course change on this front would not be allowed by Brussels. . Main source can be read reading this blog.

The double moral of the Obama peacemaker.

With the blessing of U.S. president Barack Obama, the Pentagon leads at this time of regular air attacks on positions of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (EIIL) to protect the endangered population, i.e. save the Yezidi Kurds living in areas occupied by the terrorist organization. At first glance, these actions of the Americans were nothing unusual. The EIIL fighters massacred those who do not want to convert to islam. Only force and large-scale humanitarian aid would help prevent and stop these atrocities. Obama says that America will continue to support the refugees blocked by Sunni fighters on Mount Sinjar. According to the release of the State Department, all U.S. humanitarian aid currently 114,000 food rations and more than 132,000 litres of drinking water. The Americans started to bombard the Islamists without the endorsement of the United Nations, although they are supported, as well as within NATO. The United States contends for a long time the Kurds, including in their aspiration to create an autonomous State. After the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, the US helped Iraqi Kurdistan to obtain, according to the new Constitution, the status of wide autonomy and become relatively independent. But the leader of the Kurds Massud Barzani insists today to hold a referendum on full independence of Kurdistan towards the Iraq. Washington seems not to oppose these plans, even though the Iraqi Government condemns this initiative – whereas the illegitimate Barzani plans – and requires the international community that it respects and supports the territorial integrity of the country. But the legitimate requirements of Baghdad the civilised world answers with familiar terms concerning the great divides people in the region, the justice and the historic opportunity that have persecuted Kurds to use the inalienable right to self-determination. Ship us in Ukraine. And try to see the situation in Kurdistan compared to projects of the Donbass and the Lugansk region residents create their own Republic – the new Russia. In this context, replace the USA by the Russia and Kurdistan by the Donbass, the yezidis by the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk and Islamists of the EIIL by fighters of the territorial battalions Aidar and Azov. What would be the analog? New sanctions would probably be adopted against the Russia. For a reason that is unknown, the USA and other countries support the actions of the Ukrainian army regularly bombing peaceful towns of the new Russia. At the same time they close their eyes to the massacre of civilians and the hundreds of thousands of refugees in Russia and other countries. Last week alone, the air raids and artillery in Lugansk and Donetsk made at least 120 dead. Which many children and elderly people. Lugansk is deprived of electricity and lack of water. The inhabitants are in need of support. . Extended info can be inspected reading

VIDEOS. These American stars who play the ‘ice bucket challenge

This is the last game to Facebook fashion. The "Ice Bucket Challenge" is for the least harmless compared to others. More question of drinking large quantities of alcohol or to coat the body of alcohol to burn before you set it on fire: the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is to throw a bucket of ice on the body. A challenge for good causes since those who refuse should make a donation to the ALS Foundation, an organization that fights against Charcot disease. Volunteers who accept the challenge can also provide their own. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook gave the example and challenged to Bill Gates who took up the gauntlet. Since this is the contagion in the American stars. Hollywood in the middle of the music through the sport person escapes.   Justin Timberlake or Taylor Swift are therefore passed to the cold shower like The Rock or even Oprah Winfrey case. The list is long because even Steven Spielberg is lent. But also basketball player Blake Griffin, singer Demi Lovato, American footballer Aaron Rodgers, Justin Bieber, etc. . Steven Spielberg Justin Timberlake Chris Pratt (the guardians of the Galaxy) Taylor Swift The Rock Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood,. The footballer Neymar has also succumbed to the our favorite game: Cree iced Oprah Winfrey, the famous American animator.   The most impressive remaining the feat achieved by hockey player Paul Bissonnette.   . For extra insights about this subject visit reference.