Paul McCarthy, his works of shit.

"These are objects that let you name," politely launches Christophe Beaux, president of the currency. Call them, so "anal plugs" or trees to riders of chess game tunes. At the entrance of the salons, the noise of the machines is deafening. Chocolate figurines is at work. Young people wearing blond wigs, even boys, and dressed in red push carts and démoulent, démoulent, démoulent. The shelves are covered these "plugs" in chocolate and Santas with sextoy FIR.   The scent of chocolate spreads. "It is frustrating that smell, there desire to taste but it is forbidden", commented a visitor. No free tasting. Each piece is sold 50 euros (80 euros or both). Paul McCarty rail is heard. Videos projected on the walls show his hands – at the beginning is believed to see a yard but must be wrong mind – train to blacken white leaves, themselves exposed in the rooms. McCarthy, among the Mormons of Utah, expels heard insults the week last in his place: "asshole", "stupid fucker artist", "stupid American insulting France. The salons of the institution have mutated in a workshop with drawing tables and coarse lighting. Hundreds of parts chocolate stand walls around posters of McCarthy. Chiara Parisi, curator of the exhibition, sees there nothing of scatological: "here, I do not the dimension of shit ‘. Not far away, the chocolate flows.   "Crap" is not a novelty in modern and contemporary art. Already, the surrealists used it to challenge the established order, to denounce what there may be of «bricheton» (eh Yes, because the "fair", literally, it’s diarrhea) in a system that has led to the slaughter of 14-18. So Luis Buñuel in the Golden Age (1930), watch officials laying the first stone of a city. Except that you never see the stone, but only the mortar, which resembles a dung. Just before, the hero had smeared mud and later, you will hear sounds of flushing water. Rebelote in the famous Belle de Jour (1967), where Catherine Deneuve dream punished, humiliated and coated thing marronnasse: childhood is also present from the outset at McCarthy, via the presence of toys and representations of toddlers. One could therefore say that it evokes in his work the regression at the stage called generally "Sado-anal", i.e. where the excrement is a way to pleasure/suffering – to others or to self. This phase of the development of the child is supposedly where he learns to control his sphincters. Precisely, it is the time where, to literally "spite" her parents, the child Decides also sometimes do not control and will stain. The excrement can take a value of challenge of the law and order (the ado who don’t wash, use the rock as a "noise" from his relatives, etc.). Its use by Viennese actionism thus corresponded to the counterculture of the time. Since it was somewhat abandoned this way to upset the established order and, for awhile, the McCarthy approach could therefore look slightly dated. Indeed, it seemed to acquired that, if a company certainly needs order, it may not be immutable, cannot derive its legitimacy from the ‘nature’, that it is always relative, what does not mean non-existent. In Buñuel, ridicule the institutions and the founders meant that one could always imagine something other than the ‘foundations’ and the intangible "foundations". Challenge of actionism came stir our dark part: not necessarily to push us to bestiality, but enable us, at least, to question him. Nothing more dangerous, is said to be that one who feels ‘good’ and beyond reproach, who refuses to consider the fragility of our own humanity. That reveals the case of Tree and its anal presuppositions, it is that an ‘order’ new but not legitimate is looming, and that facing the sadistic-anal provocations of the artist, this autolegitime order has no solution other than violence: you are not chosen you, you did not in the right place, you take yourself a slap. On one side, the parent of the Republic who, unsure of the order he has established, does not react to this ‘critical’ release, and even encourages, and behind him, more ominously, the bogeyman of the extreme right who intends to enforce a non-democratic order (law, voted democratically, does not prohibit the abstract sculptures) to shots of slaps in the face. Where McCarthy is hardly more original, is that it connects the excrement to the problem of consumption and overproduction. Its chocolate plant is scheduled to soon overflow, because it will not have time to eat everything. He then relies on Christmas as the symbol of overproduction and the overproduction of waste. In fact, the proliferation of junk is also a recurring theme in the art at the time of consumerism. More is produced, most is consumed, more there remains (of excrement). These remains should be hidden, because our culture considers them as unclean, deadly, and unpacking threatens the Organization of society. Many artists believe that the solution found capitalism to rid remains that it produces is to make us swallow. The scandal of cows fed the corpses of mad cow did not give them to totally wrong. If McCarthy crazy furious both proponents of the order and those chatty liberalism, it is that exhibiting symbolic "shit" as a result of our consumer society, it defies both the return to moral order and updates the production of human waste. Imagine what it gives when this old order and new productivity combine. But, the artist, the ‘ability even to operate"this machine will soon be affected. It is this politico-economic bite Chocolate Factory seems to call his greeting. . You must check the following article to read extra about this interesting matter.

State-mafia, here’s the order of the Court.

The President of the Republic is still a witness and-notwithstanding the constitutional prerogatives and related to the function-should in this field to further specify now, bar and generally speaking, it is not because finding the rite a witness ‘ right ‘ to know, before being quoted, the circumstances upon which must be heard and to requestto be heard exclusively on those. So we read in the ruling issued today by the second criminal division of the Court of Assizes in Palermo, motivating the decision to ammeterre the enlargement of the trial for the deposition of the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, in the process for the negotiation State-mafia. A testimony that the Court points out, however, depends on the availability of the head of State, and this can be denied or granted, and in the latter case, it can also be, at any time thereafter, withdrawn, and the Court will not be able to take note of The State legal service had in fact opposed to the admission of new evidence testimony of the head of State by the defense of Salvatore Riina. But on this the Court of Assizes notes that can be placed in any application is believed to be headed by the President, however, admitted the testimony relevant and useful for the assessment of the facts (except as limits and faculty possibly arising from 201, 202 and artioli 203 c. p. p.). In the case of the testimony of the President of the Republic, but, as already considered by this Court with the ammissive test orders-have written even the judges-also operate the limits deriving from the decision of the Court of Costizionale December 4, 2012 its activities, even informal, of the head of State. And again: in addition to the absence of course of coercive powers whatsoever, whether for constitutional prerogatives that generally protect the person performing that function, not prescindersi may, in fact, from the event of availability of the President of the Republic to the assumption of his testimony. This availability-we read in the order-can be denied or granted, and in the latter case, it can also be, and later at any time, be revoked and the Court cannot take note of that. If this is, then, the well-defined perimeter within which can accept the testimony in question, do not see how it can arise–or feared–a violation of the prerogatives of the President of the Republic proposed by State representative parts Defense civilians. Below, the full text of the order with the Court of Assizes of Palermo, as part of the process for the negotiation State-mafia, dismissed the claims reserve further documentary production made by pm and new testimonials made by defenses, in reference to the deposition of the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, scheduled next Tuesday to the Quirinale. The Court of Assizes of Palermo, after hearing the parties, comments On document production of pm: acts of which the pm has necessitated the acquisition, which, moreover, the other parts are not opposed, or, in some cases joined, are undoubtedly the expectation set out in article 234 c. p. p. To the extent that they are indisputably historical level representative and fuattuale, alarms, the subsequent reports and analyses that, at that time, context were formulated by the organs of national security and protection of persons who held prominent institutional roles. The same documents are also relevant, assuredly compared to themes of discussion ongoing education and planned further. Under both sections, therefore, those documents are eligible and can be thus acquired to the file duly. On the request concerning the testimony of the President of the Republic by the defense of defendant Salvatore Riina: new evidence testimony deduced from the accused’s defence of Riina, the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano on the circumstances related to events of the 1993-94 period specified in the memory better settled by this defense, it is permissible under articles 190, paragraph 2 and 495 493 subparagraph c. p. p. The request for new evidence, indeed, follows the familiar unknown documentation prior to its recent acquisition by the pm dated October 15, 2014 and filing the same place only the October 16, 2014; It connotes, than this new documentation, discharge test demanded by the defendant on the facts represented in the same documentation given by the pm who tries to load; It is not, finally, manifestly superfluous or irrilevantepoiche ‘ refers to facts closely connected to events already subject to reconstruction within the framework of the ongoing discussion statement. On the other hand, this new testimony from the President of the Republic does not incur in any of the limits obtained by the ruling of the Constitutional Court of December 4, 2012 since. As already mentioned above, the test articulated by subject facts and conoscnze of only heads due to time far past (1993-1994) to the assumption of the Office in question: in each case shall be construed as of now excluded from testimony all the knowledge that the same heads, in theory, should have acquired only after his election as President of the Republic and in the context of functions-informal-same as well. This new evidence required by the defence of one of the defendants will be taken according to the order established by article 1 paragraph c 496. p. p., except that the parties do not agree on a different order of taking of evidence as provided for in paragraph 2 of rule just invoked. On issues related to considerations of the parties with regard to the above-mentioned new evidence: Appear appropriate some clarifications and precisions in relation to certain comments made by the parties with respect to documents and new evidence referred to above. As I said, new evidence required by the defence of a defendant, unless otherwise agreed by the parties cannot be taken after those requested by the prosecution and civil parties. In cross-examination of Napolitano heads already requested by pm, other parts, therefore, will not be able to ask questions on circumstances other than those specified by those who took the examination at the time of submission of its list, or at least those more possibly examined why deemed by the President, just the anticipation of article 6 paragraph 499 c. p. p. , pertaining to testimony accepted and useful for the assessment of the facts. This assessment, as provided for in rule just mentioned, will be carried out in the course of the examination questions in class commensurate to the testimonial practically intederanno parts place. In relation to what, however, deducted from the District Attorney of the State in the interest of civil parties represented, it is necessary to further clarify right now, bar and generally speaking, it is not because finding a ritual code right of the witness to know before being quoted, the circumstances upon which must be heard and requesting to be heard exclusively on those. In General, therefore, can be placed in any application is believed to be headed by the President, however, admitted the testimony relevant and useful for the assessment of the facts (except as limits and faculty possibly arising from 201, 202 and artioli 203 c. p. p.). In the case of the testimony of the President of the Republic, but, as already considered by this Court with the ammissive test orders, also operate the limitations arising from the decision of the Court of Costizionale December 4, 2012 its activities, even informal, of the head of State. In addition, both the absence of course of coercive powers whatsoever, whether for constitutional prerogatives that generally protect the person performing that function, not prescindersi may, in fact, from the event of availability of the President of the Republic to the assumption of his testimony. This availability can be denied or granted, and in the latter case, it can also be, and later at any time, be revoked and the Court cannot take note of that. If this is, then, the well-defined perimeter within which can accept the testimony in question, do not see how it can arise–or feared–a violation of the prerogatives of the President of the Republic proposed by State representative parts Defense civilians. In conclusion then, the examination of the President of the Republic, without prejudice to the limits already mentioned many times resulting from the above-mentioned judgment of the Constitutional Court, can and must proceed according to the ordinary rules governing the testimonial evidence, with the only peculiarity, the constitutional prerogatives as well remember, linked to the taking of the testimony and the natural right of the President of the Republic to revoke at any time the availability to testify in place informed the Court. Other testimonials today demands from defenses of the defendants: for other testimonials required by the defence of the accused are, generally speaking, the above considerations raised with respect to the admissibility of the new evidence and to discharge since requests for such tests are closely related to knowledge of products and now only documents not previously known. However, for a complete assessment of the Court concerning the witnesses who will be called to give evidence, both with regard to the formulation, in termin ipiu ‘ precise and detailed, the circumstances upon which the same shall be examined, it seems necessary that stakeholders puntualizzino better and with more comprehensive new evidence. For this reason: admits the documents referred to in the list deposited by the pm at the hearing of October 23, 2014. Admits niova try the middle of Giorgio napolitano heads required by the defendant’s defence Salvatore Riina on the circumstances specified in the memory filed on record, by deferring to the continuation of the hearing for his hiring. Invites interested parties to formulate detailed and specific the more rigid test and to indicate those which intend to take testimony, but, as a result of the outcome. . For extended insights regarding this matter read link.

Iraq, jihadists of Is accused of having used chlorine gas. In Syria they fight for oil wells.

-Signs of chlorine poisoning. For this reason, 11 Iraqi soldiers were admitted last month to a hospital in Balad, 80 km north of the Iraqi capital. It’s proof, as reported by the Washington Post, for use by State Islamic militiamen of chemical weapons against Government forces in Baghdad. The United States are investigating the episode. The incident, reported by the Iraqi authorities, occurred last month. The militia Is detonated a charge of chlorine gas that would have given off a yellowish smoke, poisoning the cops. The attack was confirmed to the Washington Post by a source in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and by doctors who have cared for the agents, all survivors. One of the doctors, Mohammed Hassanain, said he had already treated similar cases in the past, since in 2006 and in 2007 had been al-Qaida in Iraq to use such weapons. Previously other unconfirmed reports had accused the Islamic State to use chemical weapons in their advance between Syria and Iraq, but this is the first confirmed case of chemical weapons use by extremists. Large portions of the territory conquered by jihadists, including the area where a former plant for the production of chemical weapons at the time of Saddam Hussein. Although, according to experts of chemical weapons, about 2. 500 rockets containing nerve agents that may have fallen into the hands of Is would probably be unusable. International inspectors sealed them inside a concrete bunker more than 20 years ago. The Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons said last month that the chlorine gas, widely used during World War I, it was used systematically in the villages of northern Syria. The US Government has so far always accused the regime attacks Damascus, but regarding Iraq, were years that the gas was not used in battle. . In Iraq continue anti-coalition raid Is. This morning French air raids have destroyed 12 buildings in which was kept an arsenal of jihadists Islamic State. According to the Chief of staff in Paris, Pierre de Villiers 70 bombs were dropped on 12 goals. The France was the first country to join in September the international coalition led by the United States. . In Syria deadlock in Kurdish city Kobane bordering Turkey where the jihadists Islamic State and Kurdish peshmerga are conbattendo from House to House. Coalition air raids have slowed down the advance of Sunni fundamentalists who in recent days seemed about to conquer the city. American sources have reported that between Iraq and Syria were carried out 6. air operations and 600 were dropped over 1. 700 bombs. U.s. military leaders say they are optimistic about the fate of the city that is no longer on the verge of falling. It also fights to the East of the city of Homs, where the militia Is and the soldiers loyal to the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad are struggling for control of oil installations. And controversy between the Turkish Chairman Tayyip Erdogan and curdeo-Syrian forces. Ankara, after giving the ok in recent days to step through the Turkey of Kurdish peshmerga from Iraq to Syria (will be around 150), announced the agreement between the main Kurdish-Syrian, the Democratic Unity Party (Pyd) and the Syrian army free (Esl), Syrian rebel militia. The agreement will go to fighters Kobane 1300 through Turkey. The agreement, however, was flatly denied by senior Kurdish militias. Quoted by the Pan-Arab al-Arabiya tv, the co-Chair of Pyd, Saleh Muslim, said that no agreement has been reached so far with the Esl. It is false news spread on purpose, said Muslim, who added: the aim is to confuse. Esl-related groups already fighting with us. In the event of such a thing come to us and ask us for permission. . Similar facts can be read reading

Bremen before final against Cologne: three crucial points speak against Werder coach Dutt.

Words don’t help much, if the situation so out of control has been like at Robin Dutt. The Werder coach faces a real endgame. His team needs to win in the evening in the home game against Cologne, otherwise that’s it probably for Dutt to the Weser. With me a strong pressure to build up, because we have not won eight games. We work and invest a lot. But there is no alternative to victory, says Dutt before the game. For Manager Thomas Eichin is clear: it is clear that a coach discussion arises when you stand on the 18th place. Share I don’t want with them. We see as a great opportunity, Bremen FC coach Peter Stöger says. Dutt is he the research notes from the West without comment – what arguments could have before also? Precisely confident FC Cologne-born coach trying to save his job. In May 1980, the Rhinelander ever rushed the Bremer in a deeper crisis of sports. With a 5-0 on the river Weser, Cologne was sealed only Werder relegation from the Bundesliga. . Main data can be found reading the following reference.

In Italy 2 million and 300,000 families cannot afford a House.

The issue of housing in Italy every year becomes more and more a social emergency, especially for the worsening of the economic crisis that hit the weaker. As recalled by Danilo Taino on Corriere della Sera, in fact, in Italian cities there are at least two million and three hundred thousand families that are unable to secure a minimum residence, that our country is calculated as approximately sixty square feet. So far the few and occasional interventions implemented through the housing plans are not served at a lot and still today the issue is often overshadowed in political debate as if he had no solution. But how can you solve the emergency home in our country? Is what you have asked the McKinsey consulting firm that, through its istituto di ricerca MK Global Institute, has carried out an in-depth study on this issue by making a few concrete proposals to deal with it. In detail, the study calculated how much the accessibility gap exists in Italy, i.e. how much extra would wage an average family to buy the House without having to commit more than 30% of income itself. The result is that in our country the 2.3 million households in difficulty altogether would need every year by nine billion dollars more, about 7.1 billion euros. Obviously there are huge deferenze depending on the city and the geographical location. If indeed in Milan there is a gap of four billion dollars, to Rome down to three, while in Florence, 1 billion to 500 million in Turin and Naples to 300 million. As explained by Stefano Napoletano who has followed the study for Italy, there are four possible actions applicable to the Italian case. First of all go very reduced the time and costs of bureaucracy to get permits; in General, the construction sector should be modernized with new tools; serve lower cost of construction of the houses; They lowered the cost of funding for the purchase of the House and finally go also funding made available to those who have low incomes and poor credit guarantees to offer. . You can click the following web site to discover more regarding this interesting matter.

Smiles in sweet,. for a sweet France, contemplated under the seams.

In the land of liberty, equality, fraternity, you and me, we are free to write and publish books on various themes. Four people from opposing backgrounds have devoted hundreds of pages to the France. Visions, acerbic, alerts, impassive and funny. They reveal the France of today and yesterday. I smiled gently over the work of Eric Zemmour: suicide french,. A look and a sultry, reducing speech! The country’s human rights would be on the edge of destruction? How can it write also unworthy things about women, immigration? Where is it his look? He mixed everything and anything! It attempts to reduce the France of amalgam. He throws the powder in the eyes. His words are primary. Probably heard in demonstrations, in queues. He actually endorsed. It puts black on white and serves it to us. The book is quickly flew over both the sensation of pull us down, downright the precipices with ECHO crying, the dead of the past. Us to read or not. I smiled in sweet, fully reading the work of Florence Aubenas: in France. A condensed version of his encounters, his articles have appeared in Le Monde. Of French grousers, brave, trustworthy, defeatist, but not losing the North, taking advantage of the present, of small pleasures. This look on the France is a true, just look. Maybe because the author has nothing to gain. No mandate, no gifts, let alone promotions and recognition,. As all these other French, she listens and questions. C’est ça la France,. and down. Living meagerly and proudly. Proud to see the glass half full, through what media and internet we suggest. Griping after the elect who may live as of wrens, make of this I say and not as I do. The best is for the end, . I smiled in sweet and ended up laughing out loud with standing-paid Garcia. Everything is in the title,. The theory of altitude relative to the coccyx. The author writes ‘in work, more the coccyx is away from the seat of a Chair, less the salary is important.’ The "standing-paid" is obviously poorly paid. Garcia is a former student, a paper, former ex-sans, it takes a lifetime and many experiences to write a book. The premise that I quote Garcia (page 7): "Blacks are beefy, Blacks are great, the Blacks are strong, Blacks are obedient, Blacks are scary. "The author recollects and made a leap in the 1990s. He is the son and grandson of vigil. He kissed at the time the career of human security in the beautiful shops of Paris. Seen his profession, he observes and sees universal clients; He sees ephemeral and even realistic scenarios,. The drifts merchant world, consumers here and elsewhere, their reactions when the beep of the portico of security resonates: German backward to ensure the reliability of the system when the French seeks authority another guilty and the Brazilian throws arms. Ossiri the fictional paints a portrait truculent, deep, a cross look France/Africa of the consumer society. Conclusion of these readings: Zemmour and Mélenchon should read Aubenas and Garcia for a free, equal and fraternal France,. Additional info can be read reading

Single contract: Lepaon (CGT) fully closed the door.

The leader of the CGT, Thierry Lepaon, strongly condemned Friday the idea of a single work contract, deemed interesting by the Prime Minister, because it would be the end of the contract of employment to indeterminate. Have a single contract to replace all forms of existing contract (including TDCI, CDD), the CGT does not wish that this be tested because it would be the end of the contract, is a questioning of the ISC, said on Europe 1. For ten years, this idea is worked in our country but both counselling for employment social and environmental economic Council have or not degummed it, he said. While the idea is advanced for flexibilisation of the labour market and to promote hiring, it is not the nature of the contract of employment which reverses the unemployment curve, is growth, is investment, is employment, replied Mr. Lepaon. So unemployment stops advancing and securing career paths, he instead called to tighten the law on fixed-term contracts, regretting that tryouts in CSD have become the rule, including for young people at the entrance to active life. Since July 1, 2013, the cost of certain CSD, including those of very short duration, have been outbid for employers. But according to Mr. Lepaon employers sit voluntarily Act to deregulate the market work, and in particular the conditions of life, work and pay. Manuel Valls reiterated Wednesday and Thursday that single contract was an interesting idea, showing its willingness to act on important inequalities between employees very protected in CDI, CDD and interim precarious. . For extended insights on this topic visit homepage.

The guys of anti-tweet narcos.

For a tweet you die. For a tweet it is sentenced to death. For a tweet will disappear forever in Mexico where 43 students demonstrating against the clans are incredibly disappeared-and probably already been murdered-for nearly a month. For a tweet you die. Because with a tweet you can put in a structured criminal organization crisis: with hundreds of men and endless economic liquidity. The 15 October killed María del Rosario twittera Fuentes Rubio, a young doctor and activist of Reynosa, the capital of Tamaulipas, not far from the border with Texas. María’s collaboration with the Valor por Tamaulipas, 500,000 fans on Facebook, and was Managing Director of Responsabilidad por Tamaulipas, independent network reporters and ordinary citizens have founded two years ago to inform on the trafficking situation in Tamaulipas. On Twitter was María @Miut3, nickname Feline, and with this name from web denounced illegal Affairs of criminal groups operating in his area. Did it constantly: until 15 October. Until that morning, shortly before noon, was seized by armed men while going to work. Have it loaded on a van and disappeared. His Twitter account has remained mute until 5 the following morning when suddenly were posted two pictures: one in which María looks at the goal and the other in which, dressed in the same clothes-is lying on the ground with a large wound on his head and face bloodied. His attackers had succeeded (perhaps getting through torture the password) to enter into his profile and post photos accompanied by a message: friends and family, my real name is María del Rosario Fuentes Rubio and I am a doctor. Now that my life has come to the end I just simply tell you not to do my own error: you do not earn anything. On the contrary, I now realize that I have died for nothing. Are closer to us than you think. Close your account, do not put in danger your families like I did. I ask forgiveness. The words of the narcos are chosen with precision. Bring into crisis. You do not earn anything is the message that goes out to those journalists and guys who believe they can denounce the criminal power. Close your account, do not put your families at risk: is a numbing extortion has spread message. Each account could jeopardize your family: and that’s how it triggers the parental pressure on children. Are closer to us than it is to be suspicious of anyone. In other words: will not hide or find nickname-someone willing to tradirvi there will always be. Women are much more active on social in the tale of the narcos. Lucy is one of these. Manages El Blog del Narco, a site that tells four years violence and brutality of the war on drugs in Mexico through the materials submitted by readers and often by drug traffickers. The blog collects anonymous complaints of common people and now has 25 million hits per month. To manage is this 20-year-old girl whose true identity has never been revealed for security reasons. I’ve never forgotten his answer to a reporter who email asking her projects. My plans for the future? Live. This is my hope for the future in the short, medium and long term. The dissemination of information on the web was dangerous the narcos had included already in September 2011. A 25-year-old man and a woman were found 28 hanging from a footbridge in Nuevo Laredo: next to them there were narcomessaggi who were warned by the complaints on the Internet. Eleven days later, also in Tamaulipas, you touched the Nena de Laredo. To protect themselves from retaliation of drug cartels, Marisol Macías Castañeda used several names. Su Primera Hora, the Nuevo Laredo newspaper for which he worked, signed as Maria Elizabeth Castro Macías. On Twitter and on the Nuevo Laredo en vivo used the pseudonym The NenaD-Laredo. With this nick wrote the Mexican cartels Affairs and called on the people to report facts related to drug trafficking. Marisol firmly believed that to counter the criminal groups must begin to share information. And he knew the word, once shared, can become more dangerous weapons. Saturday, September 24, 2011 his lifeless body was found on a road near Nuevo Laredo at the foot of the monument of Christopher Columbus. Above the monument had been placed his decapitated head. The message left beside the corpse left no doubt: Ok, Nuevo Laredo en Vivo and social networks, I’m la Nena de Laredo, and I’m here because of my articles and of your ,, The message was signed by Los Zetas, one of the most powerful Mexican cartels and ferocious. A pair of headphones, a cd player and a keyboard next to the corpse: the tools of the trade, those who had been sentenced to death. That’s why say that Mexico is a world apart is a clever way to say what we can do, we will, with what happens there? What we are we?. And we there we go. Because the wars that we fight today in Mexico-the war between drug cartels more bloody war between the State and the drug cartels, the war between drug cartels and civil society weary of living that hell-you fight to give this part of our world, the fuel to address the daily: the coca. Is the Mexico that now handles large flows. Is the Mexico that today took the role which was of Colombia. And it is in Mexico that is happening this epoch-making revolution to which we must turn the spotlight. Civil society could not take it anymore. The media censorship out of fear of retribution. Media and civil society in Mexico need our support because alone will not save. According to Reporters without borders in ten years, from 2003 to 2013, in Mexico were killed at least 88 between journalists and media operators-and 18 went missing. But now to die are no longer just journalists but also citizens who have begun to recount the activities of drug cartels on Internet and social media sites. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are filling the void in coverage on organized crime and on Mexican narcoguerra. But the cartels have realized immediately that the web platform is faster and reach more people headlines-the rest have always used them to make propaganda. So they started taking also targeted users of Facebook and Twitter. Now that thousands of people have decided to take to the streets and protest in Mexico City against the disappearance, on 26 September, in Iguala by 43 students, the rest of the world begins to notice what is going on in Mexico. The story is complex. But there is the dramatic realization that among law enforcement, Government and drug cartels there are links so close to have prevented that in one month the country knew what did the boys disappeared. They had arrived on 26 September in Iguala from Ayotzinapa, a village situated a hundred kilometers. They wanted to raise funds for their school closing at risk. And demonstrate against the violence and corruption of law enforcement on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the massacre of October 2, 1968: when about 300 students were killed by the police and by the Army shortly before the Olympics. A group of students had stolen three buses to get home: at that point the Group was attacked by some municipal police agents backed by armed men–probably the gang of drug traffickers Guerreros Unidos. It is since that time that the 43 students was lost every trace. Since then, 28 bodies were found in mass graves. Mexican authorities maintain that the 28 bodies found are not those of desaparecidos: but the Argentine independent experts have not yet concluded their investigation. Others have stated that students were arrested by the local police and then delivered to the Goons of the narcos: they were killed. A chilling reconstruction. Meanwhile were arrested the Mayor of the city of Iguala, his wife, 36 members of the municipal police and 18 Guerreros Unidos. Allegations: the Mayor would give the order to the police to face the students. The police and the drug cartel of the Guerreros Unidos have worked together in order to defuse the students. Apparently the Mayor’s wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda, was the sister of drug traffickers. She and the Mayor, according to the indictment, had links with the Guerreros Unidos. The head, Sidronio Casarrubias, was arrested last week. Yes, with the death of María del Rosario twittera Fuentes Rubio the narcos unequivocally confirm a new path of intimidation: whoever touches us dies. Although it touches on social networks. But with the manifestation of Mexico City is also clear that civil society could not take it anymore. Do not anymore to live under siege. Do not anymore to live a war that does not occupy the headlines but besieges-indeed militarizes-their lives. Do not take it anymore not to trust no one: the police, the authorities, to those who navigate on Twitter and Facebook. Can anyone be a narco: anyone can make in their hands. No one is safe in Mexico where disappear into nothingness 43 boys. Where you kill for a tweet. . For extra regarding this matter click

Strong approval ratings for Poroshenko party before Ukraine election.

Poroshenko wants to leave with the early polls give a strong mandate for announced reforms. This Friday, the parties can advertise last public votes. On the day before the election, this is prohibited. To ensure a safe choice in the crisis-hit ex – Soviet Republic, the Government mobilized a large contingent of security forces. Minister of the Interior announced arsenic Awakow, more than 80,000 policemen are in use across the country on Sunday. Yatsenyuk warned Russia’s provocations. Sachartschenko accused the military again violations of the truce had agreed upon the parties in early September. The Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) its first drone close to the port city of Mariupol, on the Azov Sea tested to monitor the cease-fire. The European Parliament in Strasbourg on Thursday extended duty-free access of the Ukraine to the EU market until the end of 2015. In the opposite direction the duty-free export of goods entering Russia is however only possible from 2016. Moscow fears a flood of EU imports, which could reach the former Soviet Union via the Ukraine to Russia and other States. . Related information can be read reading page.

Christian Bale will play the role of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple.

British actor Christian Bale (The Dark Knight Rises) will play the role of Steve Jobs in a new biopic signed Danny Boyle on the co-founder of Apple, announced Thursday the screenwriter of the upcoming movie Aaron Sorkin. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the writer of the series has the White House and the film The Social Network said that we needed to best actor current of a certain age and it is Chris Basel. Oscar for best supporting actor for Fighter in 2011, Christian Bale was among the possible actors to play the role of the boss to Apple died in 2011, alongside Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio, according to the specialized press. The role is extremely difficult, it has more text to say in this film that most people in three films together, has yet indicated Aaron Sorkin. There’s not a scene where it is not present on the screen, it is a very difficult role and it will be great, he added. Christian Bale has not even auditioned, it was enough of a meeting, he said. The film, which will begin to be shot in the coming months, based on a 2011 signed published biography by Walter Isaacson. In the past, writer told the press that the upcoming film would not be a linear biopic but would highlight the strong moments of the life of Steve Jobs and his company. The role of Steve Jobs had already played by Ashton Kutcher in the film biographical Jobs published in 2013, directed by Joshua Michael Stern. . You should check the following homepage to read extra regarding this great matter.