Corruption: the Switzerland can finally dare to upset his dear Fifa.

When Fifa chose to leave Paris to Zurich, in 1932, it was officially to its central position, the neutrality of the Switzerland and accessibility by train. Nearly a century later, the Switzerland always fucks a Royal peace in sports federations and it spoils nothing. Sports federations, even when they earn one billion euros per year as the Fifa, are associations, and there is not much more flexible than the Swiss law of associations. Fifa or the IOC have the same status as the balls of the District club. The clear opposition to the Bill comes from the private sector: employers (corporations and SMEs) and banks. The powerful pharmaceutical sector is however in favour. In Switzerland as elsewhere, we hesitate a bit to cut the arm. Coincidence or not, it is Fifa who is originally from the most comprehensive study on the contribution of the sports organisations to the Swiss economy. That represents only a quarter of point of Swiss GDP in 2011 but their symbolic value goes beyond, considers cabinet author of the study, in its conclusion to measure for Fifa. Conferences and events in Switzerland were "a considerable impact on the image of the country, seen as a business destination and tourist interesting and as a sporting nation. . Main source may be read checking the following

Favre’s return to Zurich: nice to come back.

After the flying high in the Championship and ten competitive matches without defeat, Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Europa League will take the next step. While the Bundesliga second meets on Thursday (21 05 h) for FC Zürich precisely on Favre’s former club. It’s nice to come back. I Look forward to the game. I had fantastic years, born in nearby Lausanne, Gladbach coach said after arriving in Zurich. Before his first competitive appearance in the home as a Borussia coach, Favre recalled that the successes in the Letzigrund have only led him to Germany. Without the FC Zürich, I wouldn’t be in the Bundesliga. And not the coach, I am today, said Borussias coach of the NZZ am Sonntag. Borussia reached 1: in the first match against the FC Villarreal 1 Favre has understood so far awarded by clever rotation, to compensate for the high load. In Zurich, the coach is without on slightly beaten players like Raphael, Christoph Kramer and Fabian Johnson and switch back to the team. All three players are protected and can probably return at the weekend in the squad. We wanted this triple-load and have accordingly placed the squad. We have the ability to bring players to get this mental freshness on the square, said sporting Director Max Eberl. . Additional text can be inspected reading homepage.

Barroso warns Putin against new trade barriers towards Kiev.

The president of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, warned Wednesday Russian president Vladimir Poutine against the imposition of new trade barriers against the Ukraine, by expressing its concern. The application of a decree recently adopted by the Russian Government and proposing new trade barriers between the Russia and the Ukraine (,.) would violate the agreement according to which the EU has agreed to defer the en? implement its free trade agreement with the Ukraine, stressed Mr Barroso in a letter to M. Poutine. The head of the European Executive responded to a letter addressed to him on 17 September the Russian president to request a review of the association agreement between the EU and the Ukraine, whose conclusion has triggered the conflict in Ukraine and the crisis with the Russia. To contribute to a primer of relaxation, Brussels agreed on 12 September to adjourn at 1 January 2016 implementing in? work of the commercial part of this agreement. But in return for this concession intended to meet the concerns of Russia on an influx of European products on its market, Moscow is committed to maintain the preferential trade regime that it reserved in the Ukraine before the crisis. In this context, the recent Russian Decree feeds of concern within the EU, assured Mr Barroso, recalling the give-and-take provided for by the agreement of 12 September. I note that the proposal to postpone the implementation in? the free trade accord is linked further preferential treatment, and all parties must apply these conclusions in good faith, he wrote. Mr Barroso reaffirmed M. Poutine the plea of inadmissibility already opposed by the EU to the Russian request for a revision of the association agreement. It recalls that this agreement is bilateral and that therefore any adaptation cannot be the spring than two contracting parties. The compromise on September 12 cannot and must not limit in any way the sovereign prerogatives of the Ukraine, he insists. . You should read this to discover more regarding this interesting subject.

Dealing with suicide in the family and circle of friends: silence and denial is the worst.

Hans is doll teacher, family counselor and mediator. Since 2006, he leads the Ark in Munich, an outpatient suicide prevention and crisis intervention. The Association offers advice for people in a life crisis, suicide risk and after a suicide attempt. © private that adoption requires the Suizidanten know exactly what they do to their fellow human beings. It is however different. Many people tell after a suicide attempt, that her family and friends were so Far away at the moment, they don’t came with them in mind. People who are in such deep distress, such as through a tunnel vision see death as the only way. On the other hand, there are – although rare – revenge suicide: someone with the intention of killing herself, other harm. If you will be left with blame, this is heavy. Survivors wondering what they could have done, to avoid the suicide arise anyway. Yes and no. By the why understanding can be developed while which is what prompted a man to do this. But understand why he killed himself, it is never quite. If the father over the years has suffered, done A lot for his depression, and dedicated to his family, this can perhaps better understand it if he takes at the end of life. To have to live, is still terrible. And wonder what you would still do – just because you knew it-, will eventually right turn. No matter what the surviving – in a farewell letter – explained: on the question, what has this person really thought and felt, you will never one To find anything comprehensive response. If someone pulls back, making strange comments, or facial expressions and posture show that it is someone Not good. Give your impression reflected: I get the impression you make to move back. Or attract him to his hints: it sounds so hopelessly when you say it has everything no longer makes sense. What are you saying? Until then, that may be you directly ask, whether he or she thought about killing himself. Not everyone can, clearly. Try nevertheless to take the person concerned in his misery. The confidence is there, you can ask also the question: what do you think is different with you that you can not overcome this blow? For most people, life goes on after a crisis after all. So, you ask, why it shouldn’t be here. Not as criticism but as interest: I want to get it. By making clear the person: I don’t want you to kill you, but I will not continue to you, just because you threaten to kill you otherwise. I am in a dilemma. From such a situation, it comes out not from now on equal. This can happen only in a longer process, which must be supported by outsiders – the members of the Suizidgefährdeten -. I don’t know whether you can prepare. But it is a question of humility to accept that you can prevent any suicide. There can be no question that they are forcing anyone by any means in the life. You can To try to alleviate that he wants to revive the suffering of others. But if not, you will not maintain it. It is hard to To find the point at which it is accepted that. I then ask members: If your national life would take, what would you be behind accuse not to have tried? Something not to have tried, be blamed later themselves. But not that it has availed nothing. Humility means to accept that we are not omnipotent and have everything in hand. Not the life our next. . Main source can be read clicking the following

Isis, #Notinmyname: the courage to say ‘ no ‘ to the manipulation.

"Not in my name!" is a campaign started in the network, which is depopulated on social networks, launched by young Muslims that putting the face, say ‘ no ‘ they go to counterattack and choose the same means used by terrorists to sow hatred, violence and terror. The aim is to liberate Islam from his kidnappers. It is clear that terrorism hurts first and foremost Islam and Muslims themselves, but most of the external image, you endanger the internal perception: when a young man who professes musulmano sees these crimes committed by armed groups, terrorists, remains stunned and upset, because it undergoes an almost personal attack, to its identity. All of this sends him into crisis on several levels: the self-concept, perception of the other, and, finally, the same perception of reality.   There is always big difference between how we see ourselves and how we see others, often do not coincide, but in each case depend on each other. Without hiding behind a finger, there is a strong divergence between a religion of ‘ 600 and daily life. In fact, the interpretation of the religion of Islam, the most radical and extremist creates many problems especially with his faithful, which in a sense are a contradiction, between the precepts of religion, with all the obligations and waivers required, and modern life, with all its stresses.   We must distinguish clearly between religion and religious obsession, but enough just to be declared Muslim unbeliever or apostate: simply having questioned some Fatwas of imam interpreters and defenders of the faith. It’s easy to confuse today, accusing and even discriminate faith and faithful. In a moment of crisis, not only economic but also of reason and critical sense, confuse everything with everybody. All Jews are responsible for the policies and actions of the Israeli Government, all Christians are responsible for the wars conducted by the West, and finally all Muslims are responsible for the crimes of the various terrorist groups.   A Pakistani writer, after 11 September, wrote a book titled "Islam kidnapped" decrying the danger of politicizing religion and indoctrinate the policy. The use of religion for its own sake and as a means to seize power is another scourge in the Arab world, where it is difficult to talk about the separation between religion and State, and where there is no concept of secularism that we know. Religion and State are treated in the absence of models to follow, especially if you look towards the Gulf countries, the main allies of the West. One of the objectives achieved by various terrorist groups is present as only representatives of religion and custodians of the truth. One of the more complicated issues, in fact, is that in Islam there is a hierarchy: the imam does not have a role as stewards of the faith, in the Western sense, but only as a guide to prayer. Instead, the Grand Mufti of the different countries are often tied to the policies of their Governments, and it is difficult that conflicts there. It’s no coincidence today terrorist groups refer not to a modern State, but to a Caliphate, controversial topic of political Islam, since it is configured the succession to the Prophet as one big help people who professes musulmano. A means to gain power is to use a manipulated religion and served their own interests. It would be very superficial to say that the real problem of terrorism that is ravaging the Middle East and Europe is threatening the only Islamic State (Is). In fact the more they ignore the roots of his existence: who has indoctrinated, supported, financed and facilitated its expansion? When chaos reigns, the wolves come out and go around looking for other prey, even in the name of religion, and not only kill the innocent, but also the sense of living together, the spirituality and the Pacific.  The most serious thing is not only the violent act that manifests itself by killing, cutting throats, beheading innocent people, but the fact that this is being done in the name of God and a religion of millions of people. "Not in my name!" is a positive signal, from encouraging, even if it is from the West, not from Arab countries, where even reigneth confusion, a result of contradictory policies of Governments, where often it takes courage just to raise their voices and simply say: ‘ I disagree! Today, someone has had the courage to do it, and it is already an important step first.   . For extended on this matter click blog.

The EU rejects the label ‘ at semaphore ‘ in Britain.

-Were the months Italy asked him and eventually Europe gave us listening. The European Commission has decided to open an infringement procedure against the UK Government for the ‘ traffic light ‘ labelling on foods, time system in the crosshairs of many countries, including the us, because it deemed discriminatory against many local products. Brussels gave the green light to enter in London of a letter of formal notice. But what does a traffic light labelling? It is a system introduced only with the consent of the EU now as seen there has redesigned-and strongly desired by the British Ministry of health to combat obesity. On the labels of foodstuffs distributed in Uk there is a small light that provides at-a-glance nutritional information to consumers. The colours of the traffic lights indicate the content of sugar, salt, fat and calories per 100 grams of product. The Red stands for a high content of fat, sugar or salt, yellow indicates an average amount and green low content. Recently was considering the introduction of traffic lights label for health reasons. But the graphics system sparked the dispute both the food industry and the Governments of many countries, in Italy, that judge gross and penalizing of typical products of some areas, like the Mediterranean. In practice the system of the United Kingdom makes it harder to market access for certain categories of goods. Just over a month ago, the Agriculture Minister was speaking on the issue, calling for an intervention of Europe: the infringement procedure goes open-had declared the Minister-because it is scandalous that a country a model plant that completely distorts the judgement on things. The paradox is that products like olive oil, well known for its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system (when consumed in moderation of course) in Britain is branded with the color red. While the Cocacola light, which is certainly not the healthiest drink in the world, deserves the green because sugar free (then in there are sweeteners of synthesis and caramel 150 D, and recognized as carcinogenic by the who, doesn’t count).  Already one year ago a year ago MEP Lega Nord, together with other colleagues in the Committee on agriculture, submitted a question to the Eu Executive on Britain’s use of traffic light labels on packaging of foodstuffs, according to MEP leghista, was discriminatory against some of our quality products, such as Parmesan, Parma ham and mozzarella. The response received was as follows: given its optional nature, the colour code system of nutrition labelling recommended by the British authorities did not constitute an obstacle neither de jure nor de facto trade. And then the question ended with nothing. But now things have changed and the European Union is back on his steps. The initiation of the infringement procedure by the EU against the traffic light on the label launched by the British save exports Made in Italy, cheese such as Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano cheese in olive oil, to the most typical salami as prosciutto di Parma or San Daniele, celebrates the Coldiretti. The goal of traffic lights was to decrease the consumption of fats, salts and sugars but re-emphasizes Coldiretti-, not on the basis of the quantities actually consumed but only on a generic kind of substances, ultimately mislead consumers with respect to the actual nutritional value. Red light penalizes, in fact, the presence of fat greater than 17.5 grams, one yellow between 17.5 grams and 3 grams and the green up to 3 grams. A choice that has already been adopted in many supermarkets in Britain-the Association of farmers-to the detriment of some key sectors of exports Made in Italy and, more generally, the whole trend of consumption in the United Kingdom, Italian food that in 2013 has registered an increase of 6 percent, for a value of 2.8 billion. It is no coincidence that Italy and other European countries have highlighted how the traffic light system will have a negative impact on trade, with the possible presence of barriers between Member States, and therefore a violation of article 34 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union, not forgetting the irregularity of put a claim on non-beneficial nutrition. It remains to wait, now, the outcome of the investigation by the European Commission, in the light of the general reform of food labelling that will enter a suspend in force in all Member States on 14 December this year. . Additional info can be found reading

The OECD against lighter taxation of diesel and company cars.

She returned to the subject, asking Governments that promote tax the use of company cars and rolling stock diesel, put an end to these harmful to the environment and health benefits. In a statement issued Tuesday, the Organization "calls on Governments to stop subsidising company cars and gradually remove the tax advantage for diesel", stressing that "this measure would be beneficial both to public finances and the quality of the air. "Today, the cost of use of a motor vehicle does not reflect fully its impact on the environment and on society", summarized as follows the OECD, which has completed two studies on the subject. (‘Tax advantage for vehicles of company’ and "Differential in favour of diesel", both in French) Also the OECD mentions the fact that diesel fuel is taxed less than gasoline in the majority of its 34 member countries – the United States and the Switzerland tax more diesel fuel than gasoline, and in Australia and the United Kingdom both fuels are taxed smoothly. . Additional information can be found checking link.

Trouble for the Bundeswehr: Eurofighter has manufacturing defect holes.

The link; http://www. Star. policy/Germany/bundeswehr-90250053t. HTML;Bundeswehr # make new technology problems to create. This time, the Eurofighter jets are affected. Quality control at the rear fuselage identified manufacturing defects according to the Bundeswehr on a large number of holes. As an immediate measure, the manufacturers halved the shared life of 3000 to 1500 flight hours. The Defense Ministry trying to take now no new jets the industry – to avoid disadvantages and to safeguard their rights. Last week was it known that a significant portion of the Bundeswehr systems is currently not operational, including dozens of helicopters and transport vehicles. The material problems are so great that Germany currently unable to meet its alliance commitments to NATO. The Bundeswehr is not in a position to provide the promised aircraft and helicopters would be in a situation of crisis. That had been a defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) on weekends. . For extended data about this topic click link.

Choose the good war.

The appalling murder of a french citizen in the kabyle mountains must be analyzed. Yes: a-na-ly-se. The Word may seem glacial while grief crushes his relatives and that emotion and outrage overwhelm the nation. But the prerequisite for the response is as relentless as cold look at the objectives of the killers. What is is this sticking the name? Especially believe not that it is miserable revenge against the action of our aviation in Iraq, still less than a shot of bluff of some ragamuffin search media publicity. No, it is a historic challenge: a little mischief that aims to shift the story. Sometimes, failover is accidental as the assassination – already – a century ago, that triggered the first world war. Sometimes, failover is the desired objective, and it is the case today. A minority of fundamentalist Muslims is put in mind that the period is favourable for a radical confrontation with the Western civilization because she thinks the both menacing and decadent. Threatening by its ideology individualist and consumerist, decadent because abandoning God for money and pleasures. It is therefore the time to attack. But, to have a chance to prevail, we must introduce at least the division and possibly the civil war within the enemy forces. The horror came from the kabyle mountain is in this sense a double bet. On the one hand, the bet that young french Muslims will be dazzled by the audacity of weapons and join the ranks of the war against the West, and secondly, the bet that the French company will turn against its Muslim component and sinking on the night of the civil war. If necessary, attacks on french, English, European soil will come to stir up this fire. . Main source may be studied visiting this link.

Rome: the Capitoline Hill, at via Circonvallazione Nomentana abatement process.

Rome, 30 sets. -(Adnkronos)-will depart by the end of October, the competition for the redevelopment of the area of Tiburtina and deleting part of the circular viaduct Nomentana, the ‘ old ‘ "tangenziale Est" orbital. It covers the Capitol stating that it was in fact approved the final design for the ‘ ‘ demolition of the elevation and section of the bypass interchanges nomentana and superficial ‘ accommodation ‘. The project is included in the new structure plan railway station, approved by agreement in 2000 and being implemented and planned the slaughter of about 500 meters of the viaduct and the six ramps that now connect the road axis via Tiburtina, in addition to the redevelopment of the areas in front of the station. Jobs, who according to the iter procurement law can leave for the summer of 2015, will last 15 months. ‘ ‘ It’s a speech expected by many years, that returns to this neighborhood a better face and can initiate a process participated and shared with citizens and associations for the redevelopment of the old Road through the creation of green spaces in urban area returned to the city, ” said the Mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino. ‘ ‘ We will accelerate the process to get to start work as soon as possible, which we hope to complete by the end of 2016 and that will take another step forward for one of the most important Quadrant for the development and revival of Rome, ” said the head of the development of the suburbs, Urban infrastructure and Maintenance Paolo Masini. For the President of the 2nd Town Hall, Joseph Gerace, is a great satisfaction to announce the removal of ramps. After lengthy procedures and several meetings organized in the territory, we felt that this was the best choice to respect the will of the citizens and to protect the public interest. At the same time, continued will be simultaneously launched Gerace a route competed with the citizens on the subject of the redevelopment is the piazzale Ovest of the stretch of road that runs from the Bridge Station Lanciani. The redevelopment will necessarily follow a path to quality for the citizens, who have suffered for too many years the environmental pollution due to the presence of tangential-ends-can be adequately compensated. . For more regarding this matter click article.