See, the Cricket attack: “the old blackmailing us policy but we will not be voting Violante”.

Donato Bruno during the joint session of Parliament for the election of two judges of the Constitutional Court and five members of the Csm. Yesterday the ticket Violante-Bruno did not reach the quorum for a handful of votes in the meantime on today’s vote Beppe Grillo who intervened with an anonymous post on his blog denounces the ‘ old politics ‘ and cries blackmail: ‘ At this time in this House is an ongoing blackmail! We have proposed an exchange of votes: If you don’t vote for Luciano Violante to the Constitutional Court, it will support the candidate of the five-star Movement. We denounce this blackmail and old political vision. We will not be voting ever Violante. Remember who is this guy, founding father of the second Republic and lord protector of the interests of Berlusconi. «The M5S-continues-will vote on a list of names and political independent, competent professional curriculum impeccable forts. This is our choice and that is what we are asking citizens, respondents from the M5S in his time, unlike parties fiddle with ballot boxes opened as if the State had their stuff, a suk ruled by the top of the Hill. "   In yesterday’s vote the agreement between FI and Pd on the candidates to be sent to the Constitutional Court is not passed to the Parliament for a handful of votes. Luciano Violante and Donato Bruno didn’t have done for about 40 votes apiece in less. The two have cashed and 529 530 votes respectively. Too few to pass the bar of the quorum for the Council shall be fixed at 570 votes, i.e. 3/5 room components. But the Deputy Secretary of the Pd Guerini provides: ‘ Absences, with the technical vote today closes».   .

AfD: The helplessness of the Union.

But with this virtue it is over, at least in parts of the Union since the AfD just moved in three parliaments in the East – in Brandenburg and Thuringia even with double-digit results. The conservative Berlin circle in the CDU has written a manifesto regarding the AfD promptly. The Union lost in the value-conservative middle-class milieu in recent years on appeal, the signatories to complain. You see this as one of the reasons for the success of the national conservative competition. Especially a fear behind all these comments: the AfD could spread further and the bourgeois camp could slice splitting to permanently as done long time ago on the left of the party. Front of the CDU has the coalition partner SPD, which fails even with best Government work to approach at least the 30-percent mark in polls. If in Bavaria in addition to the free even the AfD establish to voters, it’ll be difficult even for the CSU, also only on 40 percent to get 50 plus X, the old target, to mention, warns Treasury Secretary Markus Söder. Some in the party, the solution seems simple. The conservative root must be strengthened, according to the manifest of the Berlin circle. But as always in such debates, of which there were already several in the past few years, critics, this appeal with concrete content avoid it to provide, what that means for conservative politics today. As long as it stays that way, the effect of such statements is likely to remain low. But even if the Union would change their pitch in some respects in the future, Compared to the AfD it – would be just like all other established parties–always at a disadvantage. Because differently as parties, wearing in the Covenant or in countries of government responsibility, the AfD must never show as long as it operates only opposition, that their ideas could also implement. That not basically change their catchment in three parliaments. The hope, the political practice work will quickly dispel the AfD, seems therefore quite premature. .

Kerviel to the feast of Huma welcome Mélenchon that held it the hand.

Jérôme Kerviel, was greeted Saturday at the feast of humanity by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a man who held hands with ex-trader at the time where (he) was the worst. These are people like Jean-Luc (Mélenchon) and Julien (Bayou, spokesperson of EELV, also present) who gave me the gnaque to continue in moments of abatement, Jérôme Kerviel said on his arrival at the booth of the left party (PG) facing a wall of cameras, microphones and cameras. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, it is beyond the politician, he is a man who kept me hand at the point where I was the most evil, he said. What are those folks who brought me to life, said Jérôme Kerviel who says we are in a struggle that we share, the more control. The return to life is a little complicated, he also explained saying have not yet realized. I had a week a bit complicated (,.) it is the re-acclimation to life (,.) I réapprends to live, he added. Counsel Me David Koubbi also thanked Jean-Luc Mélenchon for his brave Act, very early in the Kerviel case, which was to publish a forum which has troubled even in (its) ranks. When Dreyfus was accused wrongly, there was a debate within the left about whether to support it, has launched Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Jaurès hesitates. Like me, at first I got a reflex, I hesitated, he added, then I did the same reasoning as the great Jaurès. This is not a trader, this is a man, has launched the the left party leader ensuring that Jérôme Kerviel has its place here because it’s called the feast of humanity, not the feast of the left but party humans. Jérôme Kerviel then left the feast of humanity. Symbol of the excesses of finance that he denounced today, Jérôme Kerviel was released Monday from prison to finish under electronic bracelet the penalty to which he was sentenced for causing 4.9 billion loss at Societe generale. .

State election in Brandenburg: politically a red-light district.

Sunday’s state election in Brandenburg, Germany. What’s new: for the first time young people aged 16 and over may vote. After Bremen, Brandenburg is the second State in which adolescents may vote. What consequences this has, no one knows. There are only vague references. In a nationwide test of choice for children and young people in May the young Germans have chosen especially CDU. And in Spremberg, South of Brandenburg, to around one third of NPD – what caused some dismay. So, it looks like Woidke is can choose a coalition partner after the election. In an interview, he had already show a preference for his previous coalition partner, the left-wing party. He saw no reason for a change. About CDU candidate Michael Schierack Woidke said the slightly condescending sentence: I don’t know Mr Schierack – what caused considerable resentment in the CDU. What to expect on the new provincial government? The BER is not opened until today – and remains a millstone of the Brandenburg shareholder both financially and politically. It is sure To give lots of bad headlines in the coming five years – what has to endure a new provincial government. She should also prove that their crisis management is a better than ever before. .

Naples, nuovo murder of Camorra boss of a brother killed in the Centre.

Camorra unleashed in Naples. Shortly after midnight yesterday, a man was killed right in the Center. This is the affected Carmine Hare, of 57 years. The man was shot dead by gunmen between via Salvator Rosa and via Correra, in the area of the Case. The fact occurred shortly after midnight between via Salvator Rosa and via Francesco Saverio Correra. Here went into action the killer, catching by surprise the Hare and crivellandolo shots. There were the Runners of the police and the scientific. Carmine Hare, affected environments known criminals with the nickname meatloaf, the brother of Ciro Lepre-says ‘ or sheriff, boss of the Cavone, historic area between the corso Vittorio Emanuele and piazza Dante. An area that lately are doing disturbing fibrillations and criminal record that is likely to open yet another warm front of feuds-5a. In Case you have registered in the past few weeks several armed raid messi scored from a gang of youths who-according to the law enforcement information-try climbing to gain control of illegal trafficking, starting-obviously-from one of the squares of the drug dealing. Ciro Lepre, held today, considered a boss of the camorra and the Case has always been its enclave. Two years ago was arrested on charges of extortion against a businessman of Sri Lankan nationality, adjust, for years a resident of Naples and holder of some commercial activities in the Health District and in the neighborhood advocate. Had demanded-set with two other people who accompanied him-the tangent of Easter: on this occasion the police who run the three catches also uncover that the Sri Lankan was doubly taglieggiato by clan Hare for its shops in the two districts. .

Catalonia and the Basque country – inspired Scotland: These regions To want to get rid of their home.

Next Thursday, the Scots also vote whether the region by 2016 to will be independent of Great Britain. Proponents hope that democracy and the welfare State could be strengthened. But it’s also about the money: alone with the revenues from the oil, Scotland could again independently exist according to estimates by experts. Other regions in addition to the Scots currently vying for their independence. In Barcelona, hundreds of thousands for the independence of Catalonia from Spain demonstrate. One reason: In the wake of the economic crisis, more and more people believe an independent Catalonia could offer a higher standard of living. On 9 November, a referendum is announced, but still want to prevent Madrid. Also in the Basque country plead the people for the right to self-determination of the Basque nation and independence from Spain. Ask for a new Government that should unite all Basque-speaking regions of the Basque country, Navarre and the French Basque country. .

Police control of rockers: who’s afraid of the lawyer?

The European police force (Europol) has issued a kind of fire message to all newspaper editors this Friday. Because the rocker now come with heavy weapons. As has happened in Rhineland-Palatinate. Where a special task force of police was filmed – these are the officers with face masks and machine guns – during a road check by rockers. And out of nowhere appeared the new big guns of bikers as: attorneys at law! And what were these lawyers? Demands, saying that’s why highly armed policemen would stop rocker All the time, and they controlled in a provocative, often humiliating manner on the side of the road. Constant checks are perceived as harassment – quite correctly. That explains Prosecutor Sjors Kamstra, Berlin entschlossenster rocker Hunter, in the most recent issue of the club magazine of the Federal of German crime time official. Especially in public, as the head of the Department of organized crime, whether to let rocker often guilty of them as bullying perceived checks by police not indifferently endure her reputation. So such measures resulted in acts of resistance, body injuries, often against police officers regularly reactions, insults. Now, are you wondering what makes the tedious work of comparative trifles at the end, asks the Attorney General are subject to the determination of all operations which have anything to do with any of the approximately 3,000 rockers living in Berlin. At the time it seems: Yes, they may. After all, who wanted to prevent public prosecutor Kamstra from? The vast majority of the press hailed Meanwhile each Chicane to the breach of the law, if it concerns only the wild-looking rocker and ensures martial photos and headlines. Crews work long embedded, so involved in police actions, because as they are provided with RAID dates and investigation files, and get pictures, viewers. Actually, that’s not the idea of public prosecutor Kamstra. She was born in Rhineland-Palatinate and adopted by almost all home offices. Because it is a developed there strategy paper (only for official use), which reads more like a stigma paper. It is a collection of sophisticated nasties in health offices, municipal authorities, Bauämter and fire departments to participate. But above all, the press against the rockers to be ascended and counteracted the critical voices. The police leadership is called zero tolerance strategy. And by the Ministry of the Interior up to the Mayor’s Office, the CDU over the SPD, until the Greens seems everywhere to have someone learned the slogan of zero tolerance. Now you must let this alarm message by Europol Once again on the tongue melt: according to current information, should all members [of Hells Angels, ed.] be encouraged in Europe trough police-controls, as it means there really provocative and aggressive attitude to occur and to make video recordings of events. So, warns a European police authority? Before video records.

Benjamin Netanjahu: Israeli elite unit denied espionage against Palestinians.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, 43 soldiers To write they no longer wanted to violate the rights of millions of people. You condemn Israel’s policy. An elite group of Israeli army refuse further missions to participate in, directed against the Palestinians. The reconnaissance unit addressed a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu and Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon. To the soldiers of the Government accused, to use the information for the unit to harm innocent civilians. The data allowed for political persecution and split Palestinian society by recruiting informants. The reservists within the unit would therefore refuse to serve. We can not serve continue with a clear conscience in this system and violated the rights of millions of people, it is said in the letter. The Palestinian population was completely vulnerable to surveillance and espionage by the Israeli side. While there are strict boundaries for the monitoring of the Israeli population, the Palestinians do not enjoy this protection. There is no difference between people with and without a violent background will be written. The work of the Israeli secret service people in the occupied territories make it impossible to lead a normal life.   The unit denounced the Government’s settlement policy. The expansion of settlements had nothing to do with Israel’s national security, according to the letter. Through its policy of expansion, Israel denying basic rights the Palestinians. It is time for us to act. In the letter, the army members calling other soldiers to join them. We call now and in the future, and also the Israeli civilians all soldiers of counterintelligence, to, to rebel against these injustices and to bring them to an end. We believe that Israel’s future depends on it. .

Handball: Restrained forecasts.

Numbers did nothing from a regional perspective is in the men’s handball Bavarian League. Munich and surrounding area with three teams in the Bavarian Beletage will be represented in the upcoming season. The TuS Fürstenfeldbruck is vanished while upwards and has already put a great start with 33:26 against Constance. But the champions of the Landesliga Süd closes the gap by the SV Anzing. One is but not before this season: the forecasts for the teams from the region are significantly restrained as in the previous season. This applies especially for the TSV Ismaning. The movers had surprised table fifth, since then A lot has been done but. The new coach Thomas had to build around the team completely corner, almost all team support have left the Club. Corner must also participate without co – and goalkeeping coach. In the meantime, corner tells you pondered the possibility of even the retreat at the TSV: I would have felt a fresh start in the National League as a better coach, but he had the players to decide. Also you have To want to prevent a fatal visibility. Corner must absorb the staff bloodletting largely with players from the reserve team and the youth. The relegation was already almost too euphoric defined in view of the current situation, as the target says corner, after all, it is correct in the team, who have taken well in preparation. He see his task perspective, says corner, and wool move something with the existing talent in the long term. To the first point game this Saturday the reserve of the second division of HSC Coburg in Ismaning (19 30, Easter field Hall) makes guest appearances, a team with players like Jonathan Rivera Vieco. The Spaniard played long for Coburg first and previously for the foxes Berlin. .

Back pain: what sexual positions adopt?

According to Wilkes University, make love twice weekly releases an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which helps protect the body against infections and diseases. Other research also suggest that frequent ejaculations (at least five times per week) in humans reduce the risk of later developing prostate cancer. See the British Journal of Urology International (in English). During intercourse, a hormone called oxytocin is released during orgasm; It increases the level of endorphins that act as a natural painkiller. And the body can relax. Many people find their headaches and pain (headache, cramps, etc.) disappear or improve after sexual intercourse. Women who have orgasms regularly are generally more relaxed, less depressed, and physically and emotionally more satisfied. Sex also helps to better sleep and releases nervous tension in producing, in the brain, serotonin – which controls mood and found also in antidepressants. Make love regularly releases therefore a plethora of hormones in the body, called "hormones of happiness". And they contain testosterone. With age, the level of testosterone decreases. Thus, many sexual reports provide a good level of testosterone in the body. This hormone plays an important role: it keeps the bones and muscles healthy, not to mention the youthful appearance of the skin. Among women, regular intercourse promote the good health of the pelvic floor and thus reduces the risk of age-related incontinence. .