The Italy has enough of anti-Russian sanctions (expert).

Federica Mogherini starts November 1, 2014. It intends to give priority to the settlement of the crisis around the Ukraine, particularly in the triangle Brussels-Kiev-Moscow. The war of sanctions remains a serious problem. It is easier to introduce sanctions of lifting and as such, the EU will remain hostage of its hasty and inobjectives decisions dictated in large part by Washington. The countries that traditionally develop mutually beneficial relations with Russia, in particular Italy, understand that sanctions are unproductive in political and economic terms. The Italy currently chairs the EU and the Italian administration has deployed these last weeks of substantial efforts to bring out the impasse due to sanctions Russia-EU relations. The anti-Russian sanctions proclaimed by the EU are formally in force until March 15, 2015. For overcoming or at least mitigate should be that the EU revise its interests. Politics and the economy are intertwined. The European business is interested in deepening cooperation with the Russia but it has simultaneously need support on the part of politicians, told our correspondent the expert of the Institute of Europe of the Academy of sciences of Russia Vladislav Belov. All EU countries need the Russian market. It is the most promising market for European companies after the Chinese market. It is necessary to make any European company political lobbying, the heads of State and Government must give appropriate signals. The recent declaration of the EU concerning the lifting of sanctions proclaimed against the deceased former President of Serbia and of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic confirms that this process is sometimes very long. Removed from power in 2000, Milosevic died in the detention centre of the Tribunal in the Hague in 2006. At what point is sometimes absurd dear inertia within the EU who returns to member countries wiping social and economic losses. . For more insights on this subject read link.

Ebola: companies must remain in Africa.

First of all, if one dies massively Ebola – and diseases other than Ebola – in Liberia, in Sierra Leone and, to a lesser extent, in Guinea, the rest of Africa is not affected by a phenomenon of epidemic. The few cases imported to Nigeria and Senegal were quickly contained through a transparent crisis management. In fact, the breeding ground for the spread of this virus is the inability of health structures in West Africa to face lack of necessary investments, despite international aid; It is also the weakness of these States, weakened by decades of civil wars, struggling to coordinate humanitarian action. A real glimmer of hope settled however: media echo grows in Europe, the United States and around the world, with risks of psychosis and largely unjustified amalgam. But thanks to this also, and after four decades of relative passivity facing an ‘African disease more’, a ‘disease of poor’, the international community takes little by little the extent of the crisis. Will be more in four months than in forty years to contain, and perhaps one day defeat Ebola. Since the overwhelming majority of the 54 countries of the African continent is not affected by the epidemic, there is no place to put Africa in economic quarantine. Suspend flights, cancel international events, or postpone the delivery of containers in the ports of non-infected countries, is to apply a double sentence. Far from denying the extent and severity of the epidemic, partners in development in the region must not succumb to a too simplistic precautionary principle but, on the other hand, approach more fine and reasoned that is risk analysis. And, from there, put in place the protocols, constant controls, pedagogy towards all employees local and expatriate, in Africa as in France, or any other measure to continue our efforts. It is what we have done, with Medef International, making us Guinea early July, as we had planned, with a delegation of 35 business leaders. In a few months, the epidemic will be, we hope all contained. It is also because our companies will be unable to ‘remain’ that it will limit economic damage and their lots of sufferings related to poverty or malnutrition, which could affect even more harder the States and their populations. With Medef International, French firms continue to travel around the African continent. By the end of the year 2014, we go with business in Angola, the Kenya and Uganda leaders, and before March 2015, we in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Zambia and the Zimbabwe. . For additional information regarding this matter visit

VIDEO. Hungary: Government withdraws its internet tax bill.

Looks like Hungarian Government will withdraw proposed internet tax. Good news. co/i6iYIyfvbL – Neelie Kroes (@NeelieKroesEU) 31 October 2014 the project of internet tax in Hungary provoked an outcry and huge demonstrations. Hungarian leader Viktor Orban announced Friday that it "cannot be adopted in its current form", promising "a national consultation in January. "Nothing can be validated in these circumstances," conservative Prime Minister explained in an interview on public radio.  A demonstration "of celebration" will be held this Friday night by those who, for several days, were opposed to this new tax. After a first mobilization Sunday, tens of thousands of people-100 000 according to Euronews – marched Tuesday in Budapest against a tax on downloads, that opponents consider repressive. These demonstrations were among the largest since the arrival of Viktor Orban to power in 2010. Before the initiative announced Friday by the Conservative Prime Minister, his Fidesz party had tried, in vain, to defuse the protest by promising that the fee would be capped at the equivalent of about 2 euros per month for individuals.   The Conservative Government initially wanted to tax downloads at height of 150 ft (0.50 euro) per gigabyte. An amount as the party of conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban has however promised to cap to the equivalent of 2 euros per month for individuals. The new tax, which would be the subject of a vote in Parliament on 17 November, has also been severely criticized by the European Commission, considering that this ‘bad idea’ could affect term the European economy. ‘It is not good to push people from the internet through taxes and this wont’, said Ryan Heath, spokesman for the Commissioner for the economy digital Neelie Kroes.  ’The digital part of the economy is probably what prevents Europe from sinking into recession. Therefore tax this in a country that is already below average indicators in Europe is a particularly bad idea, continued Ryan Heath. "In addition,"If the Hungary creates a precedent in this regard, this can become a problem in many other Member States and therefore more broadly affect European growth", he worried. The economy Commissioner digital Neelie Kroes, which reacted violently on Twitter last week, judging that "the project was a shame," now rejoiced this volte face on the same social network. Neelie Kroes will relinquish his post on October 31 and will be replaced by the "German Günther Oettinger. The challenge of the internet tax occurs when Viktor Orban, promoter of reforms controversial media and justice during his first term, is also in the crosshairs of the United States, who denounce a decline of the rule of law in Hungary. Washington has also just declared unwanted in its territory six government officials, that the Obama administration suspect corruption. . You should click this to discover extra about this interesting topic.

Ten to ten – ten free horror games to Halloween.

In "Nyctophobia" you are traveling as a reporter in a health clinic. You are locked up in the dark building through an unfortunate circumstance and now try a way back after to find out. Soon, the inhabitants of cell you become aware, so that you don’t need to defend. With time you will find melee and handguns to the defense. At excessive risk escape and hide from the figures and wait until the coast is clear. In the stealth-action game "Deity", you control a bull-like creature in third-person perspective. The protagonist of photophobia can move as smoke and withdraw in burning torches. While the fire turns violet and the game hero WINS life energy. Wrap your opponents in smoke to turn it off. Move around undetected or you attack your opponents from behind, you will be rewarded with energy. The atmospheric and slightly grim game is controlled entirely with the mouse. In "Figment", you slip into the role of patient number eight. It is located in a psychiatric institution, from which he tries to escape. A mysterious event you will find themselves suddenly in a more than a surreal world. Still wearing the bloodstained straitjacket, you make the way, to find the exit and finally to escape the madness. On the road you should beware of robot spiders and other crawling objects. This is controlled by the 2,5D-Plattform-Spiel on the keyboard. "Sacred Line" is an epic adventure game with eye-catching graphics. The game includes only the colors black, gray, and red. At the beginning of the story is closer. Then you find yourself in the first-person perspective in a dark forest. Fog is wafting across the floor, and not far away you will discover a wooden house. As you approach, you can see traces of blood on the floor. You will also find useful items that will give you good service in the remainder of the game. What just happened? Get on the search for the solution! "Memory Leak", introduces the task to solve a mysterious murder in seven days. You to discover clues at the scene of the crime on each virtual day. Their senses play crazy: to find some evidence, for example, only with sharper hearing and keep therefore the eyes too. You quickly identify in the search, that you are not alone in the scary house. The light provides the only protection the Green candle. The game hardware developed for the features of the "oculus rift", can be played but as well with mouse and keyboard. "Alone (the horror game"), you slip into the role of a young boy at night in a museum. After you are imprisoned in the search after the exit in a room, something begins to follow. The freedom trail only by one of the many paintings on the walls. . Inspirational data may be found reading the following url.

Change of power in Burkina Faso: Army says Government deposed.

After the violent protests in Burkina Faso, the army has taken over power in the West African country. The Government had been deposed and the Parliament dissolved, the military at a press conference announced on Thursday night in Ouagadougou. Hundreds of demonstrators had earlier in protest against a possible additional term of President Blaise Compaor̩ Parliament stormed and set fire. Before a vote on an appropriate revision of the Constitution, they invaded the National Assembly building in the capital Ouagadougou, devastated offices, put files and cars in the courtyard on fire and dragged continued computer. The Parliament seat was surrounded by black smoke, a helicopter flew over the building. The vote was cancelled. Security forces had initially tried to push back the demonstrators with tear gas and shots in the air, then they retreated. Shouted the angry protesters Рoverwhelmingly young people -: Kosyam free. Kosyam is the name of the seat of the President. Protesters also stormed the building of the State television and devastated it. . Similar data can be read checking

Charles Enderlin: Religious Zionism has eliminated all institutions of Israel.

For Muslims, Yehuda Glick is the most visible activists for the right to the Jewish prayer on the esplanade. Pictures of his visits are published on the Internet and included on the sites of Palestinian activists, who are up in arms against this settler who wants to [their] take [their] Holy Mosques. The President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has itself already launched a solemn appeal to the Palestinians to prevent these settlers access to this holy place. Thus, the esplanade is regularly the scene of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police. This has always been the policy of the Israeli Governments, which have accelerated the settlement during the first and the second Intifada. Since the signing of the Oslo accords (1993), the number of settlers and construction has more than doubled. It represents part of the Government coalition, but not only: according to a sociological study conducted by the Institute for democracy, 51% of Jewish Israelis believe in the coming of the Messiah. The religious message of redemption is spent in Israeli society. On the other hand, religious Zionism has eliminated all institutions in the country. Conversely, liberal Zionism of Theodor Herzl is today losing speed. As for the secular left not religious and pro-peace, considering that it represents between 15 and 17 percent of the Israeli Jewish population. Indeed, this voltage boost can again lead to a major crisis. As said Matti Steinberg, the senior analyst of the Shin Beth (internal security of Israel services, Editor’s note), the Temple Mount is indeed the black hole of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and even between islam and Judaism. . Related data can be inspected visiting

Beer, lentils and catering against unemployment.

A school company that puts into practice the teachings, turning students of hotel workers and rinvestendo earnings in the formation of the same. In a Midday where the school struggle even to offer basic studies, in Bari, there is an institution that addresses the market doing catering, brewing and hospitality, registering an occupancy rate of students that touches the 98 percent after the third month after obtaining the diploma. We speak of the Iiss Institute Majorana, who has an Office in São Paulo, the most difficult area of the city, with four locations in the area and 1. 500 students. A school that has become a great little miracle of South, as the «Corriere» the Dean Paola Petruzzelli, who drives for the last three years and it has radically transformed: «we launched the first projects to tap students working directly and the market. And because with children State transfers would have had difficulty in forming and instead now we gain and we can reinvest earnings in more comprehensive training. Suffice it to say that the formative stage is of 80 hours, while we get even to 400 hours. And we can make our students do internships abroad, covering the costs of travel and stay». As the first ‘ external ‘ project was organized catering offer for public bodies, events and private parties. Then came the handicraft production of organic beer, made by 300 children of third, fourth and fifth years of hotelier who finished the trail, brought on the shelves of supermarkets Coop of the city and, from next year, should be marketed in large part of Coop del Mezzogiorno. Since last summer, then, with a groundbreaking decision, the prevention measures section of the Tribunal of Bari has entrusted the Institute ‘ the Baron ‘, a farm with hotel and sala receptions on the Murge of Altamura, baresi, confiscated to the mafia and now managed by students in internships and high school graduates, hired out by the cooperative Majorana and rewarded. And that’s not all. For Expo 2015 the Iiss Majorana presented new projects that will enrich even more educational and entrepreneurial activity of the school. «In addition to the brewery and hotel-management farm confiscated to the mafia-illustrates the Petruzzelli-, we are making the first teaching hotel open to the public and managed by the students themselves. " But not only. «A study that we did then-Dean continues-we found that the cultivation of lentils is disappearing from Italy and so the chemical sector agrario of the Institute will be responsible to establish and enhance a growing 13 hectares of this legume, in the lands of the House of the Baron that we manage. Finally we will make a network with two other European schools that produce beer, a Belgian and the other Polish, for an exchange of knowledge on production and to provide our commercial networks. So Bari will sell the beer brewed by Polish and Belgian students while our beer is sold in Belgium and in Poland. " © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. For more on this matter check fact.

The B-17 bombers fly again, memories of World War II.

A steady hand, the driver John Bode pushes the gas, the four radial engines ROAR and the B-17 bomber takes to the skies above Maryland (is), as 70 years ago during the second world war. 12. 732 built between the 1930s and 1945 B – 17 Flying Fortress bombers, barely a dozen of these icons of military aviation are still in condition to fly, and Aluminum Overcast is one of them. People love this airplane, they like the view, noises, odours, vibrations of the B-17, it is unique, said pilot George Daubner told AFP before flying to Easton, two hours drive from Washington. Restored and maintained in flying condition by Experimental Aircraft Association, an association of enthusiasts of aircraft, bombardier crisscrosses the United States where he embarked of aviation and history enthusiasts. The unit, whose fuselage and wings silver sparkle in the Sun, flying a few days ago Maryland 375 meters above sea level, for a 20-minute flight. Through the Plexiglas of the cockpit, the view is spectacular. Inside, the 45 kg bombs are replicas and 13 Browning M2 heavy machine-guns disabled. From bombarding the Germany and occupied aboard the Flying Fortress Europe was not part of fun, reminds Mr. Bode before embarking on its passengers. The crew of ten men was often composed of youth of twenty years, recalls, imagine what could pass through the head. -750 litres of gasoline per hour – Herbert Meeker had 20 years when he thus flew over Germany during thirty missions such as radio-browsing. Today, he embarked in the Aluminum Overcast with her granddaughter: missions were very long, they lasted eight hours, writing the old man, too weak to speak, in a note to his fellow passengers. It was late 1944, early 1945, it was very cold at 9. 000 metres above sea level. It was the hardest for me, continue to have hot, he says. It was 21, 22 or 23 years old kids, says Dr. Daubner, and they came out every day knowing that he had a one-in-three chance that they do not return. Between the cold and boredom, from time to time, dirty types arrived and tried to get down you, adds Mr. Bode, in reference to the German pilots of the Luftwaffe. These bombers, 4. 735 copies have been slaughtered, others have been damaged. Those who survived the war, many have been sold for a few hundred dollars, the price of the metal. The Memphis Belle was the first to succeed 25 missions in Europe by keeping its crew unharmed. Back in the country, it has served to promote the war loan. Bombardier is currently under renovation in a military base in Ohio (North). Another copy, which was used in the shooting of a film of the same name in 1990, has taken its place for walking enthusiasts. Travel is not given, to more than 400 dollars the ticket, but the Aluminum Overcast nevertheless departed 350 times a year. The visit can be done also on the ground, for $ 10. Because fly gear is expensive. It engulfs 750 litres of gasoline at a time, its engines of 1. 200 horses need 140 litres of oil each and spare parts are not easy to find. These aircraft are expensive to fly, said Hunter Chaney of the Collings Foundation, an association which makes it fly old planes, but these are living machines, and more they fly, better they are doing. . Main source could be read reading the following

Euro area: economic confidence is recovering in October.

After two months of decline, confidence in the economy has unexpectedly recovered in October in the euro area, supported by the construction sector and services. The confidence index stood at 100.7 points against 99.9 the previous month, according to figures published Thursday by the European Commission. He is almost back to its level of August (100.6). It was a good surprise then that analysts were betting on a slight decline. The fall of the price of oil under 100 dollars, declining rates of the ECB and the weakening of the euro, as well as the temporary easing of tensions in Ukraine may have played a role, says Peter Vanden Houte of ING Bank. These factors could further support confidence in the coming months, but it is probably unrealistic to rely for now on a solid recovery. By country, the confidence jumped to the Netherlands (+ 2.1 points in a month), France (+ 1.1 points) and rose by 0.6 point in Germany and by 0.5 point in Italy. It has however worsened in Spain (-0.7 point). It is in the building that confidence has the most progressed, with an increase of 3.1 points, because an assessment to the increase in job prospects in the sector and the level of orders. In services, the confidence gained 1.2 points thanks to expectations upward. It also improved for retail sales (+ 0.9 point) and, to a lesser extent, in the industry (+ 0.4 point). The confidence of consumers has changed little (+ 0.3 points). Confidence in the financial services sector, which is not in the composition of the index, has once again deteriorated (4.3 points). In the whole of the European Union, economic confidence rose by 0.5 point to 104 points. . Extended data can be inspected reading homepage.

Thierry Lepaon causes a storm to the CGT.

A blow of more, for Thierry Lepaon! The future of the patron of the CGT is shaping up more uncertain after the revelation, by Le Canard enchaîné, the central trade union organization financed by some 130. 000 euros of renovations to accommodate it in an apartment near Paris. "He is right that the Secretary general of the CGT has a housing in the capital if it comes from province and there has kept his apartment, apparently defend him the leader of a competing plant. But here, it is delusional. The Union should have him rent, if his family lives with him and without making Sumptuary works, a studio or a small one-bedroom. "And certainly not a 100 or 120 m2, renovated far from proletarian standards, along the bois de Vincennes. "There are a minimum of common sense to have, abounds on at the top of the State. ” The patron of the CGT cannot support such excesses. House at Vincennes and not in a working-class neighborhood when it occupies this position, it is itself toxic. "The entourage of Thierry Lepaon in fact know that he would have refused a HLM for not he was criticized for taking the place of someone in need,. "It is a big blunder that makes mess by the time running," jure nevertheless one of his relatives. Whatever it is, this "stinking ball", probably launched by one of his opponents within the Central will have serious internal consequences. ‘It explodes at a time when Thierry Lepaon is already weakened and its shock wave will exceed the sphere of his first opponents’, is concerned the Elysée. "This case shocks all activists both it striking the fundamentals of the Union ‘, confirms an ex-cadre of the CGT. "Thierry Lepaon, who was elected in 2013 by default after a war of succession that has left traces, never managed to settle at the head of the Central and this story explains it a bit more," decrypts Bernard Vivier, Director of the higher Institute of labour. And, provided that the CGT is more than the shadow of what it was. She never ceases to give ground in the elections: for example she lost 9 points in six years at EDF, one of its historic strongholds. "She also took a slap at the SNCF and fears the worst for the upcoming elections in the public service, the post or France Telecom", reports a former leader of federation. The CGT has also clearly lost influence. She weighs more in the negotiations, where she has now been observer. «It was already more a reliable partner, this story will not improve, entrusts to Medef. The direction of the CGT does no longer its federations. As proof, the inability of Thierry Lepaon to prevent, then to stop before the summer (two weeks) strike at the SNCF against the railway reform. "It’s true, it has been exceeded," he acknowledged at the end of the conflict in the duFigaro columns. Rest that internal consequences beyond the case work of Thierry Lepaon apartment will have an external impact. "Anything that discredits a social actor is not good", judge the Elysée. "Afterthe scandal Tawn, it’ll strengthen the feeling that all the ruling class is rotten and strengthen a little more national Front or the left Front", adds, vexed, the leader of a rival Union. In short, the extremes. Some believe also see, in this case, an operation of destabilization orchestrated within the CGT by friends of Navy Le PANI de Jean-Luc Mélenchon, increasingly many in the Union. . You must read the following to learn extra regarding this great matter.